Personality Quiz: Which Attack on Titan Character Are You? (ACCURATE)

Attack on Titan Quiz

👆Attack on Titan Quiz👆

Attack on Titan is full of heartbreaking moments that gave birth to so many unique and extraordinary characters. This Attack on Titan quiz will help determine which character from My Hero Academia do you resemble the most. So, what are you waiting for? You can attempt the quiz and make sure to comment on the character you got down below! 👇


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Table of Contents

7. Eren Yeager

Eren is the main protagonist who was just a happy young kid. But after the Attack of Titans in his area, changed Eren’s personality as a whole. Undergoing so many developments, Eren has always been progressive in terms of his thinking. So, let’s talk about how this guy became what he is right now.


Eren used to be passionate and strong-willed. However, when he saw so many deaths and betrayals, my boy just snapped. He decided to play the role of the villain but inside, he still has a good heart and cares about other people including his friends and family. In other words, Eren is impulsive, but he can be quite a badass if you turn his switch on.

Eren Yeager

6. Mikasa Ackerman

A waifu to most, Mikasa Ackerman had a rather rough past. Seeing her parents murdered and being on the run in her early life, Mikasa was saved by Eren. From that time, both the protagonists developed a beautiful relationship with each other.
Being a part of the Ackerman family, Mikasa is a total badass. She has the power to turn the tables in just a couple of seconds. And with those hot abs, no one can deny that Mikasa is an all-in-one for most of the folks out there.


Mikasa used to be a cheerful and gentle person. However, after the world pushed her to the absolute worst, Mikasa decided to help Eren and become super strong. And, she did that! Mikasa can do anything she sets her mind to. And that’s kinda crazy!


5. Levi Ackerman

The badass Captain Levi! This guy is the squad captain, and once you get to know him (FANGIRLS ALERT,) you will inevitably fall in love with the TAICHOU! Levi is a pure badass. He doesn’t care about what others think, and he’d do what his sense of justice says to him. Being so badass that he single-handedly DESTROYED the beast titan, you can underestimate our SHORT captain here.


Levi SCREAMS justice. This guy cares about his teammates and even though he’s a tsundere, you can sort of tell what he’s thinking.

Attack on Titan Levi “Don’t die on me. Survive!””

4. Armin Arlet

Armin is the childhood friend of Mikasa and Eren. All three of these are best friends and they are working to eliminate titans from their world. Armin is a genius. He knows how to make strategies that’ll actually work. Eren works on impulses, however, Armin’s mindset is calmer when he’s planning and most of the time, we see his planning succeeding as well.

Just like any other Attack on Titan character, Armin’s character development was HUGE AF! After joining Hange, his tactics and vision surpassed even the best strategist in the world of Attack on Titan.


Having a curious personality, Armin is a mix of a genius and a scared person. He always looks scared whenever there’s danger nearby but when it comes to the DANGER time, you can rely on our bad boy here. Especially after getting the Colossal titan, Armin matured a lot.

You wouldn’t even recognize him if you compare the change. In other words, Armin is a guy who looks rather scared on the surface, but he has the potential to grow infinitely.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

3. Historia Reiss

Probably the cutest WAIFU material from the Attack on Titan series, Historia is a member of a royal family. She had huge character development through the series too. From almost the villain to one of the most influential characters in the series, you’re not missing out on anything with Historia! 


Due to how the world changed her, Historia became suicidal. She’d talk about dying every section too! However, her identity itself is pretty confusing. You just can’t tell what the heck is up with this girl. Though after some time in the series, Historia decided to become confident in her abilities and save people by kindness! 


2. Pieck Finger

That one Eldian who was serving Marleyian with her epic Cart Titan power. Her beauty is unfazed by the amount of pressure this world puts on her. Having a laid-back demeanor and a likable personality, almost everyone in the series likes Pieck. 


One of the most caring characters in the series is Pieck. She has a brain that is competitive, and most of all, she’ll always put her comrades first and then herself. 

Pieck Finger

1. Annie Leonhart

Who doesn’t know Annie. She has the power of the female Titan that wreaks havoc in the first season of the Anime. Her main mission was to bring the founding titan along with Reiner and Bertolt, who were her comrades. But we all know that everything didn’t go according to plan.


Annie is a total stoic. Even though she’s emotionless, she cares a whole lot for her friends. However, whenever it’s about her enemies, she would become serious and kill anyone who comes in her way. 

On the other hand, Annie can be quite sarcastic, especially when no one is expecting her to be. And when it’s about intense situations, you would see her as a different person. In other words, Annie has multiple sides to her depending on how she feels.



With so many AWESOME characters in our Attack on Titan quiz, which one did you get? Let us know in the comments down below! 👇

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