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armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-willpower alone isnt enough in battle

Shingeki No Kyojin Quotes. This is a tribute to all the great quotes given to us by the Highly Intelligent Arm Arlert. Armin Arlert provides some great motivation, and highly intelligent quotes to be honest. I take him as one of my favorite characters, because of how meaningful his quotes are

Best Armin Arlert Quotes from Attack on Titan

(アルミン・アルレルト Arumin Arureruto)

  1. To evolve we have to let go of things that don’t benefit us anymore. And yes that’s hard. But it is also not just beneficial, but actually necessary. To move forward, to gain, we must sacrifice. We must let go of the good, the things we’re comfortable with, in order to have the great.
Attack On Titan Quotes. Armin Arlert Quotes. Someone who can't sacrifice anything, can't ever change anything.

2. The most courageous moment by Armin, and the most courageous moment maybe in the whole Attack on Titan series.

To Eren, while facing the Colossal Titan, and right before dying.
(Season 3, Part II, Episode 54)

3. In the face of annihilation, to hold on, to muster up all your strength, all so you can protect others. Tell me a character more courageous than Armin, my goodness.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-endure it dont let go yet

4. I like this one a lot. Recently my girlfriend told me that one of her friends didn’t like me, thought I was arrogant, and when I asked questions in the beginning I was interrogative, and hence why they didn’t like me. I looked at the situation, and realized that I was just coming from the world of business and networking where people actually speak like that to each other. So, I completely understood how it could’ve seemed interrogative. So I told my girlfriend, “Thank you.” firstly because I realized that if I hadn’t been told this, that I’d never actually have the opportunity to fix this issue. And then secondly, I committed to changing my conversing style to make it less offensive and stand-offish with her friend. Now the moral of the story is one, I really got to take a shortcoming of myself that I can now improve. Secondly, I realized that, you know I’ve done this type of thing with several other people, but none of them have seemed to find that offensive. Meaning that no matter what some people will find you good, and some people will find you bad. At the end of the day, you just have to choose to be with the people that find more good in you.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-I don't like the terms "good person" or "bad person" because it's impossible to be entirely good to everyone or entirely bad to everyone. To some, you are a good person, while to others, you are a bad person.

5. So sad. But it’s admirable to hear that line.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

6. It’s true willpower can only get us so far. Years of practice cannot be replaced simply with willpower.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-willpower alone isnt enough in battle

7. To dream, is to be alive. To dream is to have a goal. To dream is to have excitement.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

8. We need to cherish each day. Because no one’s life is guaranteed. Something could happen tomorrow, or tonight, that could be devastating. We just need to be present and enjoy the present. What else can we really do?

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world


armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-I was, I am, and I remain a soldier, sworn to devote my heart and soul to the restoration of humankind! There is no greater glory than than dying for that belief

10. I literally want to say this to someone LOL. Such a great line.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

11. So sad. it’s true. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

12. This is why using your fear to your advantage is so important. To hone the fear, to use it properly to give you energy and direct that energy.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-when people are face with a situation they dont understand its easy for fear to take hold


armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world


armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

15. This is so sad. I also wonder if it is the same in our world for this quote. If we try to become the richest people in the world, will we run into people who’re practicing commerce, and making money without morals. Is it okay to want to be rich, and still be able to compete with the richest, while keeping yourrighteous ethics and principles alive.

armin-arlert-quotes-attack-on-titan-explore the outside world

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