21+ Anime where the MC Goes to a Magic School (HQ Images)

Anime where the MC goes to a magic

Anime usually lets people live out their fantasies, and the genre of magical school is a perfect choice for the matter. Introducing new power systems, mythical species, or entire universes, anyone can find their interest.

If you are interested in anime from the magic school genre, check out our top picks on this list of more than 21 different series! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Two anime got into our honorable mentions, as they are not quite fitting for the genre, but still contain elements of such flavor, and are surely interesting to watch.


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Table of Contents

23. Clannad - Honorable Mentions

Despite not involving magic, the show Clannad has many unique supernatural components. Primarily being a slice of life with a sad tone, Clannad wrote itself into history with the fantastic second season of After Story. The first season lacked a strong, serious manner, but it also had some things to say. 

As the protagonist, Okazaki Tomoya lives his very mundane life, soon some students in need start seeking his attention. Trying to solve their problems, he has to face even the supernatural. The weird things about the school include a girl seemingly capable of leaving her physical body as well!


22. My Hero Academia - Honorable Mentions

Not a magical anime, but the way it is built around academics and superpowers, I believe, it deserves a place on this list. In the world of MHA, everyone has a unique power called quirk. These quirks are said to be physical abilities, but some of them are weird and spiritual enough to be called magical powers as well.

Izuku Midoriya was born without a quirk, but he still insisted on joining the most prominent hero training school of Japan. He would have gotten rejected if the number one hero, All Might, didn’t share his immense power with the student. Now it’s up to him to become the greatest hero. 

The fifth season of this anime is airing currently, so it is a miracle if you haven’t heard about it yet. The fandom is criticized for their behavior from time to time, but now it might be the occasion to drop the harsh words. Maybe the problem can be solved if the MHA fans stop shipping every two characters that appeared on the screen!

My hero academia

21. Ange Vierge

One day, portals of other worlds suddenly open on Earth, fusing five realities. The overwhelming power of dimensions awakens in girls, who are collected to join the academy built for magical training in the Pacific ocean. 

Unlike manga and light novel adaptations or even original works from this list, this anime was initially a card game but received an anime adaptation after a wave of success.

Ange Vierge

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20. Lapis Re: LiGHTs

Princess Tiara joins the magic school where her childhood friend Rosetta enrolled too. She befriends the rest of the girls from Rosetta’s squad, but her life at the school gets pretty hard. 

She gets placed in the Lapis group based on her performance, the lowest division of all. 

She constantly faces expulsion, but never gives up her dreams to become a great singer like her sister.

Lapis Re Lights

19. Absolute Duo

Sharing some terms with an upcoming title from this list, the popular series Chivalry of The Failed Knight, Absolute Duo also named the students using soul magic Blazers. This is mostly due to the dubbing team, but the two series are separable.

Tooru Kokonoe seeks revenge for his family’s death and joins the magic academy to gain strength. At the opening ceremony he has to fight the person sitting next to him, but instead of a weapon, a shield forms from the power of his soul. Looks like Rising of The Shield Hero is making an appearance here!

Absolute Duo

18. Quiz Magic Academy

The academy located on a floating island on the sea is also a battleground for ambitious mage students who want to compare their abilities.

After destroying the magical device, the school drops on a forest and breaks the demon seals, thus releasing hundreds of demons on the students. There are only two OVA’s to watch, but they surely have plenty of content!

Quiz magic Academy

17. Negima!

The only 10 years old Negi Springfield aspires to be a wizard. The only thing that is still ahead of him before graduation is a quite bizarre task: he has to become an English teacher at an all-girls school.

After arriving there, he has to go through every kind of embarrassing situation, growing conflicts with his students and also colleagues. After the pupil finds out about his wizard occupation, things get out of hand.


16. Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Probably a dream of many to meet a naked girl on their way to school, this doesn’t play out as intended. While Kamito Kazehaya would have enjoyed the view, the girl she met summoned a spirit that somehow moved into Kamito’s body. This didn’t make sense, as only shrine maidens can become elementalists.

As Kamito was running away from this girl, he encountered the director of the school he was heading to, who invited him to become a student there and fight in the upcoming Blade Dance festival. Wanting to uncover the truth about the spirits, he accepts the offer.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers

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15. The Honor Student at Magic High School

This is the latest entry on the list, as the anime with another long title is currently airing. Technically not an entirely independent series, as it’s a spin-off, or maybe a different approach to one of the shows later mentioned on this list.

Rehearsing the storyline of the original series, The Irregular at Magic High School, now seen from the eyes of the protagonist’s younger sister, Miyuki Shiba. Unlike her brother, she is one of the highest-ranked students at the school but still comes across obstacles.

The Honor Student at Magic High School

14. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Akatsuki Ousawa is known as the Rogue Hero from another world, who brought back Miu to Earth as well, the daughter of the Demon King he killed. He isn’t the only one who came back, as many youngsters still hold special abilities acquired in other worlds.

He joins the Babel school with Miu, an institution that poses to be a great place for intergalactic adventurers to study at. As the Rogue Hero spends his days at the school, he discovers some mysteries of the place.

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

13. Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens uncovers some great mysteries of our history! From the show, we can learn that Japan became such a massive military power during the Second World War because they used the Onmyoudou magic. This technique also caused their downfall, as a failed experiment plagued Tokyo. 

In the present day, magic is mostly used in medicine and technological advances, but when another event of such disaster is on the horizon, the laid-back Harutora Tsuchimikado picks up his tempo to defend the heir of the family, Natsume, and Japan as well.

tokyo ravens

12. The Familiar of Zero

In a world of obnoxiously long names, the young girl named Louise aspires to be a great mage. Sadly, she lacks the talent to do so and is often made fun of at her school. One day, when she performs a summoning ritual, something unexpected happens. 

She manages to summon the average Japanese, Saito Hiraga and forms a slave-like relationship with him. Saito just got to the wrong place, but as it turns out, he has some good qualities and powers, and thus he can eventually become a friend of Louise as well.

Familiar of Zero

11. Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

The students in this anime go to a fine arts school, where art becomes magic and vice versa. This series is a rare breed among the action-filled types of magic school anime, but it’s surely a good one.

We also have a reverse harem at our hands, as the protagonist, the lovely Kohana Aigasaki suddenly has 6 boys around her after her arrival. She gets a seat in the planning committee, and also acquires the chance to work with the boys who aspire to work in showbiz.

Magic Kyun

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10. Demon King Daimao

Sometimes people just want to save the world. They enroll in a prominent school and get a good friend who shares their views. But after their arrival, it turns out that the said person is going to become the Demon King. Now nobody wants to collaborate with them.

Well, there are still some girls who are interested in the protagonist, Akuto Sai. Their plans differ inherently, as some of them want to kill him off in an instant, others are on their way to shower with him. Fantasy anime with an overpowered MC and an ever-expanding harem, hmmm. Sounds like High School DxD!

Demon Kiong daimao

9. Wan Jie Fa Shen

Chinese anime tend to be crazy, and this entry is exactly that. Maybe even a psychic case. The title can be translated to God of Ten Thousand Realms, and the story revolves around the god of law, Ye Xuan who somehow wakes up three thousand years back in time. He has to gather information about the world to prevent a great disaster that would happen in his lifetime.

8. Baka and Test

This franchise has an awful lot of entries on its hand, with a million spin-offs, side stories, and sequels. It’s not surprising though, as this anime presents a pretty interesting setting.

Now, what if the student body at your school gets divided by their intelligence? They use better equipment and get better food based on their performance. Sadly those at the bottom of the food chain get the absolute worst stuff, and they join arms to get better positions.

They use summoned creatures to fight for them. The strength of those beasts is based on your marks from your tests! Crazy world to live in.

Baka and Test

7. Trinity Seven

Imagine if one day the sun will stop shining, and basically, everything will be destroyed. Seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, because in that case you will probably have your cousin’s grimoire with you, and you can artificially recreate your previous life. This is the premise of Trinity Seven, but wait, there’s more!

After you did all that, a pink-haired girl will show up, who will ask you to return the grimoire or you will die. But instead of these options, you chose to enroll in Royal Biblia Academy, a great magical school. There are some prodigies as well, who founded the group Trinity Seven, and after joining them you will start to uncover the mysteries of the catastrophe that destroyed your life.

trinity seven

6. Little Witch Academia

With this movie in our hands, it’s hard to find someone who can’t appreciate the wonder of Little Witch Academia. In the world of the film, the magnificent witch, Shiny Chariot is the role model for every little girl who aspires to be a professional witch someday. But as they grow up, everyone drops their admiration for her, and she stays as a celebrity for children.

The protagonist, Atsuko still likes her despite not being a child anymore. She joins the Luna Nova Magical Academy, but the school proves to be a big obstacle to overcome. She becomes a problem child, and it is very hard for her to tolerate the slander Chariot receives there. Atsuko finally gets to shine when a dragon attacks the school.

Little Witch Academia

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5. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

The franchise of Magi is insanely popular and well-received, with two adapted seasons and many spin-offs. Inspired by the tales of Arab and Persian lands, the characters are also named after many known figures of the One Thousand and One Nights. The main characters, Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana set off on an adventure to improve their magical skills.

They are headed to Magnostadt, a place governed by magicians. Aladdin hoped to uncover the mysteries of some events there, but they came across many creatures and unexpected events on their way.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

4. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

In the current incarnation of the snobby school for rich kids, aka the Hagun Academy, students are trained to be Magic Knights. Some people can manipulate their souls to form powerful weapons, called Blazers, and they are all gathered in the said school.

Our protagonist, Ikki Kurogane is simply the worst student at the school, but after meeting the prime tsundere and prime student Stella Vermillion his life turns around.

She happened to be undressing as they first met, and to call it even she invited Ikki on a duel. Whoever wins will own the other person as a slave. You can already guess what the outcome was.

Chivalry of a failed knight

3. Misfit of The Demon King Academy

If you ever wanted to watch an unfairly overpowered MC in an anime with an unfairly long title, then you probably found the best choice here. Anos Voldigoad is the unbeatable Demon Lord, who purposefully left the world 2000 years ago to end the war between humans and demons.

When he came back, surprisingly everyone forgot about the true legacy of the Demon King, and his journey to restore his legitimacy starts. Anos enters the academy that solely exists to find a viable heir to the title of the Demon King, where he is often put to disadvantages due to not being pure-blood. 

Anos has the ability to disintegrate giant structures or landscapes, he can manipulate the flow of time and it seems like he is immune to death.

the misfit of the demon king academy

2. The Irregular at Magic High School

In the world of this anime, magic is not something that a few people possess or one that is long forgotten, but regular subject material that is taught in school. In the main school of the series, the First High School, students are divided into two groups. 

The first one, called Blooms, are the ones who scored high on the entrance exam with promising abilities, while the members of the second one are the Weeds, who are pretty weak in terms of initial skill.

The protagonist, Tatsuya Shiba is placed in the second course of the Weeds, while his sister gets a place among the Blooms. Although Tatsuya seems to have the lower hand, he is actually pretty skilled in using physical abilities, developing magical techniques, and other things as well.

The irregular at magic high school

1. A Certain Magical Index

Science usually leads the life of an average person. They believe in evolution, use devices based on technology, and are capable of understanding the rules of nature. In the universe of TAMI, which also includes the spinoff of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, a perhaps more popular piece of media, science and magical powers are both important factors in life.

Many students developed psychic powers, but the protagonist, Touma Kamijou is just not able to achieve anything in the field. On the other hand, he possesses a better power: nullifying the abilities of others. 

This power might be familiar from Black Clover, although the latter came out more than ten years after TAMI. Also, the plot is similar to Charlotte’s and Kamisama ni Natta Hi’s, so you will enjoy this one too if you liked the said shows.

A certain magical Index


This concludes this list of the best magic school anime! Which one are you planning to watch? Make sure to share your answers in the comment section, and check out our other blogs for more recommendations!

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