25+ ANIME where the main character is OP (overpowered) but hides it (HQ IMAGES)


Overpowered anime characters that are forced to reveal their extraordinary strength after being taken for losers are just BADASS. The face of every bully or villain when they finally realize that they are actually completely screwed (sorry for the word) is a memorable sight.

Those anime are THE most exciting and satisfying types around and literally everybody enjoys them.

I offer you a list filled with the best Anime where the main character is OP (overpowered) but hides it.


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Table of Contents

26. The Daily life of an immortal king

Wang Ling is a cultivation genius. Ever since the age of one, he has been acquiring new realms. He is an invincible individual with limitless capabilities that are completely out of his control.

 For an individual that is a God amongst humans, the biggest trial he had to face was being a high school student. Wanting to experience a peaceful, normal school life, his plans are folded when challenges just keep forcing him to use his secret strength.

the daily life of an immortal king

25. Plunderer

The world where this anime takes place is “Alcia”. Alicia is ruled by “Counts“. Every individual has a number on his body that will start to increase or decrease based on an action that is different for each of them. If your count hits 0 you get sucked into the abyss. And the higher the Count the higher the social status of the individual.

Hina is a young girl. She is traveling the world in search of legendary individuals, “Aces”. Aces are overpowered Heroes that fought in the war that took place three hundred years ago. The symbol that proves their identity is a white star next to their count. The only problem is that they are considered a myth and were never encountered once since the war.

While on the road, she meets a perverted man named Licht Bach. What catches her attention is the fact that he possesses a negative count and he is still of this world. She was then targeted by the military for possessing a “Ballot”, a powerful relic that increases the count of the user. On the verge of death, she is rescued by Licht who reveals another count on his body with the white star next to it.

 Turns out that Licht is hiding a past filled with death and bloodshed. He swore to himself to never use his strength again due to a tragedy caused by himself. But Hina sticks to him and they embark on an adventure to unravel a conspiracy that concerns the entire world.


24. Beelzebub

Oga Tatsumi is a famous delinquent feared by all. Proud of his strength and his reputation, he never holds back. Weak or strong enemies are enemies nonetheless.

While walking down the river, a baby who is the Demon King, Beel, takes a liking to him or more precisely his bloodthirsty aura. Now stuck with a baby on his shoulder (literally,) the only way for Oga to get rid of him is to find someone stronger than he is.  


23. Parasyte

Parasites are alien life forms that made their way to earth. They started to infiltrate humanity to conquer the world without anybody knowing it. They have the ability to take over the human brain and take full control of the host’s body. 

The same fate was supposed to happen to Shinichi Izumi, a 16-year-old student. The parasite attacked him in his sleep but failed to get his brain and took over his right arm instead.

Now stuck together, the Parasite renamed Migi has to cooperate with Isumi in order to survive granting him immense power. A codependent relationship blooms between the two. Izumi hides Migi from the humans who want to eradicate the Parasites and Migi protects him from the hostiles on his side.


22. One punch man

As the title suggests, One Punch Man is about a superhero known as Saitama that defeats all his adversaries with just one single punch.

But where is the fun in that? Looking for excitement and purpose, Saitama sets on a journey to find an opponent worthy of him.

But Saitama wasn’t always this strong. He started off as a weak man that desired change. He, therefore, created a daily routine consisting of 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km daily running. 

Through his unbelievable determination and perseverance, he managed to attain superhuman strength.

Afraid that people might take him for a Monster, he holds back his power as much as possible. Till now no one knows the full extent of Saitama’s strength.

One Punch Man

21. Death march to the parallel world rhapsody

Ichirou Suzuki is a programmer. Always swamped in work he rarely has any chance to rest. When he finally got the time to get some sleep he woke up in the world of an RPG game. He was a Beta tester for the game he was in right now and he transformed into his avatar taking on his alias, Satou.

Out of nowhere, he is attacked by a troop of lizardmen and unleashes a high-ranking spell to defend himself. He obliterates them and starts to level up as a result. With a boost of 310 and stats at max level, in a second he becomes an adventurer of the highest level.

Now stuck in this mysterious place he decides to enjoy his time in this fantastic world. The exploration begins!

Death march to the parallel world rhapsody

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20. Quanzhi Fashi

Mo Fan woke up in a parallel world similar to his own. The main difference between the worlds is that science has been replaced by magic. Students are taught to master powerful spells and how to fight against the monsters dwelling in the forest neighboring the city.

Mo fan even though was born from a poor family he managed to get accepted into the prestigious magic institution. Surrounded by rich nobles and lacking magical abilities, he immediately becomes the target of all the school’s bullies

What they didn’t know is that he has the ability to use not one element but two. Through hard work, he conquered the powerful element of fire and even acquired the right to use the very rare element of lightning.

quanzhi fashi

19. Didn’t I say to make my ability average in the Next Life?!

Misato Kurihara lived a life that she despised. Due to her exceptional character she always stood out. She could never build a real relationship with anybody nor live like a normal young girl. 

When she suddenly meets her end she is granted a wish upon entering the divine realmShe wished that she would reincarnate with the abilities of a perfectly normal, average person.

Dreaming about the perfect life she will now lead, she was reborn as Adele von Ascham. Now the daughter of a noble and possessing immense magical power, this is absolutely not what she bargained for.

But she isn’t going to give up so easily on her wish. Hiding her power from her family and friends, doing so is just becoming more and more difficult after entering Hunter school. Crazy situations just kept popping up from nowhere as if the world itself was against her desire.

didn't i say to make my abilities average in the next life

18. The time I got reincarnated as a slime

Satoru Mikami was a corporate worker. On a day like any other, he is attacked by a fleeing criminal and dies stabbed by his knife. As he was slowly fading away, a strange voice started echoing in his head asking him what he desires

Thinking it’s nothing but a delusion, he first asks for the pain to stop and it does, then for the cold to go away and it happens as well. Making a bunch of demands he finally wakes up in another world in the body of slime with all the skills that he asked for before dying. 

The most notable ability is the skill to devour anything, mimic its appearance and acquire its respective power.

While exploring the cave he woke up in, he meets the dragon Veldora also known as the “Storm Dragon”. He is walking calamity that was sealed in that cave since he was too powerful to be destroyed. 

The two quickly become friends and Satoru decides to help him escape his infinite prison. In return, Veldora grants him his divine protection by bestowing upon him the name Rimuru Tempest.

A new exciting life starts for Rimuru who will end up becoming one of the most powerful figures of this new world.

The time i got reincarnated as a slime

17. The Devil is a Part-Timer

In Ente Isla, Maou Satan is on the verge of conquering all of humanity. His plans are folded by Hero Emilia, mankind’s sword and shield. Backed into a corner, Satan opens a portal to an unknown universe to escape his ultimate death. That portal teleported him to Earth.

Satan managed to escape with his faithful subordinate, Alseil. The two of them have to find a way to survive in a world they know nothing about, in a world where magic doesn’t exist. They learn the importance of money and that in their current state they are at the bottom of the food chain. The proud and powerful Satan is now nothing more than a mere simple, poor human.

To get by, he finds a job as a part-timer in a fast food restaurant MgRonalds. His new plan is not only to become the Ruler on Ente Isla but also Earth and he believes that becoming a full-time employee can help him advance his takeover.

The only thorn left in his foot is the fact that the persistent Hero followed to Earth and isn’t going to let things go his way.

The devil is a part timer

16. The King’s Avatar

Glory” is the must-play multiplayer online game trending right now. Ye Xiu devoted his heart and soul to the game and became a professional player that everybody started to call “Battle God“. 

For personal reasons he had to end his professional gaming career and found work at an internet café. Sometime later, the game launched its tenth server and Ye Xiu couldn’t resist. 

He creates a new avatar “Lord Grim” and submerges himself into the world of the game once more.

Leveling up at a tremendous rate, gaining achievements after achievements, he immediately catches the eyes of the best players and biggest Guilds. His true identity became THE main topic of discussion.

Will Ye Xiu be able to reclaim the title he previously held?

The king's avatar

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15. Mob Psycho 100

Psychic power, everybody wishes they had them and the lucky bastards who do want to get rid of them. That’s the case of “Mob” Kageyama who labels his unlimited abilities as troublesome

Trying to make every day as mundane as possible, Kageyama never uses or abuses his powers and keeps them secret. He makes one concession and that’s when he wants to try and amaze the girl he likes.

But his skills keep on evolving. He is getting stronger and stronger! Afraid of one day losing control he becomes the student of Arataka Reigen. A con artist posing as a renowned Psychic who will eventually use this opportunity to manipulate Mob to become rich.

Under Reigen’s wing Mob starts a new life as an exorcist.

Slice of Life Anime - Mob Psycho 100

14. Noragami

God Yato is a minor Deity, he works as a delivery God that will accept all requests for only 5 yen. Looked down on by the other gods and only dreaming of becoming rich and famous, Yato Kami hides a secret that can make all those who wronged him beg for his forgiveness

His true identity, his true name, is that of a terrifying being. A being that till now, even after centuries of absence is still remembered and strikes fear in the heart of humans and God alike.

You see, for a god to keep on existing he needs to be worshiped. Nobody could understand how Yato didn’t disappear yet. Wanting to get rid of his past and his true self, no matter how hard things would get, Yato never used his former power but everything comes to light after a certain encounter.

Hiyori, a high school student, sacrificed herself for him when he was about to get run over by a car. A useless sacrifice considering who he is. She somehow managed to hold on to life but this accident affected her soul and made it roam out of her body at random times. 

She decides to pay Yato to force him to heal her. With her help, he recruited a new weapon by harvesting the souls of Yukine who transformed into a magnificent Katana.

The three of them start a journey fighting evil spirits and putting arrogant gods in their place. As time passed by, the trio grew closer. It becomes harder and harder for the wanna-be god to keep them from discovering his secret.

If they ever find out, will they leave him like everybody else?


13. Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto

When you see Sakamoto, only one world comes to mind, PERFECTION! He is gorgeous, intelligent, respectful, humble, refined, fascinating, and enigmatic, if other compliments ever get invented they would also apply.

He started his first day at High School not five seconds ago and the girls only have eyes from him (lucky bastard) leaving the boys burning with jealousy. Only one way to drop him from his pedestal, embarrass him HARD. But even after planning multiple elaborate pranks, nothing can unsettle him. Not really sure if he should be considered a human right now. 

Keeping his cool through it all and on his guard, the boys only managed to make him look like a superhero.

Will they ever manage to ruin his image? Doubtful!


12. Sword Art Online

In a world where MMORPGs are the center of attention, Kayaba Akihiko revolutionized the gaming industry by creating the “Nerve Gear”. The Never Gear is a new piece of technology that transports your mind into the universe of a game. You can experience the game’s universe in the body of your avatar. A dream come true for all hardcore players.

Kazuto Kirigaya who took on the alias Kirito was one of the few chosen who had the honor of being a Beta player for the game “Sword Art Online” before the official lunch. Having already experienced the amazing world that Kayaba created, all he wanted was the chance to enter it once more. Sword Art Online finally made its debut and more than ten thousand players were now in “Aincrad”.

Having already played the game before, Kirito had a considerable advantage. Not only did he know the attack patterns and characteristics of the bosses he also knew how to level up efficiently and use the different sets of skills. He gained a special ability “dual sword”, a skill only he possesses.

After hours in Aincrad, players who tried to log-out realized that the option wasn’t available. Being suddenly teleported to the plaza, the Game Master reveals that they are now stuck. If they want to get out alive, that has cleared all the floors of Aincrad. 

Keep in mind that if you deplete all your HP in the game you die in for real and if the Nerve Gear is forcibly removed from the outside the same fate awaits.

To avoid attention and having others rely on him, Kirito spends most of his time hiding his level and special skills. He became a solo player to avoid the envy of others. But a solo player can only go so far. He will soon have to team up with the few people he trusts and calls friends.

Sword Art Online

11. Seven Deadly Sins

This is a tale of ancient times, a tale about humans and monsters who came from another world. Holy Knights of Britannia, the protectors of the realm are individuals who wield extraordinary magic

However among those nights were a group of seven people with strength above all the others. Labeled as traitors for turning their blades toward their so-called comrade’s they were forced into hiding. To the masses, they were known as “The Seven Deadly Sins”.  

The truth about their deeds was hidden by the knights who took over the country. The truth is that they are the true savior of Britannia and all the people residing there. 10 years later, Elizabeth, the third princess of the empire, sets on a journey to find the 

Heroes in the hope they will land a hand in saving Britannia once more. But the Holy Nights aren’t the only threat in their path, the sealed demons from the ancient war are starting to act up again. The world is entering another dark age.

Melodias, the leader of The Seven Deadly Sins who will play a major role regarding the future of the world, is hiding a secret that may end the relationship between the seven warriors who are now fighting to liberate Britannia.

Seven Deadly Sins

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10. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

If you love overpowered characters, Saiki surely wins the jackpot. Telepathy, Teleportation, X-Ray Vision, Levitation, Time Leap and much more are all the abilities that he possesses. Nothing is impossible for Psychic Saiki Kusuo. 

When all of us would think of ourselves blessed for being born with all those gifts, for Saiki they are nothing more than curses. They are inconveniences that make his life as an average student impossible

He miserably fails to blend in everywhere he goes and somehow ends up friends with all the bright and crazy people of his school. Well, that’s what they think.

The craziness of his classmates forces him to deal with hassles after hassles. It’s an absolute miracle that he managed to keep his powers a secret. Well, that was possible only because, without trying to be mean here, they are a bit to dump.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki. K.

9. Gintama

Aliens known as “Amanto” invaded Japan. They forbid the use of weapons, especially swords, ending the age of the Samurai. Just one individual dared to go against their rule and kept his sword in secret and this Samurai was Gintoki Sakata. 

If you wish to see a cool and charismatic character, you won’t find him here since Gintoki is actually a wacky person who loves sweets.

He works as an errand runner with Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura and Sadaharu, their oversized dog. A job that should be mundane, but their daily tasks consist of dealing with assassins, soldiers, rebels and even gang members. They always find themselves in the most dangerous situation.


8. Trigun

Vash the Stampede also known as the “The Humanoid Typhoon” is a wanted person with a bounty of USD 60,000,000,000.00. He is famous for being a cruel and heinous villain who lays waste everywhere he goes. 

A monster amongst humans who enjoys blood and destruction. A trail of death marks the path he has taken. Well, that’s the rumor that goes around. The truth is that Vash is actually a gentle soul that avoids violence as much as possible. He is just struck by overwhelming bad luck.

Followed around by two insurance agents who still can’t actually believe that he is the real Vash The Stampede, a wave of misfortune will put the trio through life or death situations. 

As the adventure goes on, the painful past of Vash will be revealed little by little explaining why, even though he possesses immense strength and skills, he lets everybody trample on him.


7. Beyond The Boundry

Hunting and killing Youmu, demonic monsters that roam the earth is the duty of the descents of the Spirit World warrior clan. Mirai Kuriyama, one of the last known survivors of the clan, has the ability to manipulate her own blood and materialize it into weapons.

One day when she was at the school campus, she discovered the presence of a half-breed. Without hesitation, she drove her Katana through his body. One small problem stopped her from completing her mission, the fact that he is actually immortal

The half-breed is known as Akihito Kanbara. Due to the human blood running in his veins he happened to be a gentle soul with no ill intentions. But even so, from this day forth, Mirai decides to use him as a punching bag for the sake of her training.

Well, if self-centered was a person I think we found her. This strange relationship soon turns into friendship, even though I do not understand how, you can be friends with a person that literally tries to kill you every day. But who are we to judge? 

For obvious reasons, Akihito has always been hiding his power, to avoid becoming the target of hunters but thanks to Mirai it’s all in the past now and a new exciting life begins.

Slice of Life Anime - Beyond the Boundary

6. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Alpha Stigma is the name of the bearer of cursed eyes. Their eyes have the ability to analyze and copy all types of magic. But the power of the Alpha Stigma is too great and almost impossible to control

Every host ends up losing his mind to the power and starts to destroy and annihilate everything and everyone in sight, friends and foes alike. The ones that awaken the curse are avoided like the plague.

Ryner Lute is one of the bearers of the Alpha Stigma. After awakening his eyes at a young age, he loses everything to the power. 

Rampaging and covering his blood, even his trusted friends would run in terror at the sight of him. He then decides to seal his power and never use it again even at the cost of his own life.

Soon after, he is forced to enter the Roland Empire’s Magician Academy to escape from the orphanage he was living in. They knew nothing of his power and for the other students he was a lazy loser who couldn’t cast the simplest spells. 

One person with great aspiration saw what he was capable of. He knew what he was and yet he wanted him as a comrade and that person was Sion Astal, the person who was destined to become the future King of the nation.

After their meeting, their destinies get intertwined and under Sion’s order, Ryner sets on a journey in search of Relics that can maybe save their nation.

dustry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

The legend of the legendary heroes

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5. Hyouka

Houtarou Oreki is a peculiar person. While every normal student would want to benefit the most from his high school life, Oreki wishes to live as an energy-conservative individual who follows this motto: If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.

As his life passes by as peacefully as possible, he will soon be engulfed in the world of the energetic Chitanda. How did that happen? Let’s find out together.

After being forced by his older sister to enter the Classics Club that was about to be dismantled, he meets Eru Chitanda. Chitanda is an A student who joined the club because of a 45 years mystery that she must seethrough.

She discovers practically instantly the amazing potential hiding behind Oreki’s dead eyes. The deductive abilities that he possesses are just astonishing, even mind-blowing. Hypnotized or mesmerized by Chitanda’s energy, Oreki kisses goodbye to his way of life and spends every day trying to satisfy her unquenchable curiosity.

Arigato Onee-San for literally ruining my life!


4. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

In a world where magic is the most important skill to possess and develop, a person despises it to an abnormal extent. That person is Glenn Radars. After being forced to take countless lives and swim in a pool of blood by the corrupted country he was serving, he enters a state of despair.

The mention of his name would send shivers down the spine of his enemies, now he is a lazy, pitiful person with no ambition whatsoever.

He is forced by Alphonia, a friend of his, to become a substitute magic teacher at the school she works at. Left with no choice he follows her order and meets two interesting girls Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel. Their meeting, even though it started off on the wrong foot, will eventually become Glenn’s salvation.

akashic records of bastard magic instructor

3. Chrome Shelled Regios

The world is now a devastated desert. The air is impossible to breathe and it’s overrun by monster-type insects known as “Limbeekoon”. Humanity is forced to live inside a dome, a movable city called “Regios”. The people living inside have two options: learn the general education to help further develop the city or become one of the soldiers that defends it.

Layfon Alseif left his Regios and went to the Academy City of Zuellni hoping to escape the sins of his past and start fresh. Wanting to put the bloodshed and the fighting behind, he enrolls as a general education student. Discarding the immense combat skill that he possesses and the fact that  he was previously a “Heaven’s Blade”, he devotes himself to his new goal.

But things rarely go the way you want them to. Upon arriving he immediately gets noticed by the snake-like Student Council president. After witnessing his strength, he forces him to become one of his city’s warriors and enter Nina Antalk’s squad. Still stubbornly holding on to the life he has chosen to lead, even when backed into a corner, Layfon still refuses to unleash the power dormant within him.

Chrome Shelled Regios

2. Classroom of the Elite

Being accepted as one of the students of Koudo Ikusei Senior High School means you are one of the Elites. This school was created to nurture the leaders of the future. But not everybody is equal, your rank will depend on the class you land in after taking the entrance exam. The classes go from A to D, D being the least prestigious one, the class of the trash.

Every student gives his all to be recognized to maybe have the chance to move up the ranks.

One student is an expectation, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji. He is in class D and while all his other comrades are devastated by this fact, Ayanokouji, on the other hand, is exactly where he wants to be. Having an intellect far superior from all the others as well as physical abilities that would make any pro jealous.

Ayanokouji tries to keep his abilities a secret to escape from his past and hide from the people who are after him. Camouflaging as a mediocre person, the school becomes his playground and all the other residents soon transform into his puppets.

Slice of Life Anime - Classroom of the Elite

1. The Irregular at Magic High School

In a world where Magic was thought to be a fairy tale, mankind managed to create it as a form of technology. Through CAD’s those with high technical skills can control the magic element they have the most affiliation with. It became a field so important that High School’s specialized in grooming magicians started to open their doors.

First High School is one of them. At that school, the students are divided into two groups, First Course students also known as “Blooms” and Second Course students, “Weeds”, the reserve. The discrimination between Bloom and Weeds has been a trend rampaging since the elaboration of that system.

Tatsuya and Miyuki are siblings that just got accepted into that prestigious academy. While Miyuki, through her high technical skill, got into course One. Tatsuya was taken as a reserve. But exams rarely reveal the true aptitude of a person. The course Two students that everybody is looking down on possess astonishing knowledge.

He is also a Ninjutsu user of the highest caliber and he hides a unique type of magic that makes him a God above all others. He also has multiple hidden identities, all of them more important than the other.

For him to be able to stay at his sister’s side and avoid becoming a constant target he makes it an obligation to try a pass for a normal, average Second Course student. A feat almost impossible for someone as talented as he is.

The irregular at magic high school


From short anime, you can binge-watch to long ones with more than 4 seasons you have an array of choices to match all your moods. To mix things up a little more, Chinese anime were incorporated into the list for you to enjoy a new anime experience

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