13+ Anime where the MC is immortal

Anime where MC is Immortal (Fixed)

Many people don’t like anime with overpowered main characters, but there is surely a gist to the subgenre. Making sure that they always win fights no matter what, we can spare those cringeworthy in-battle powerup cards that many shonen anime like to play out. 

Some go to an even greater extent: their protagonists are straight-up immortal. By immortal, I mean insanely hard to kill, and they usually can come back to life through different means.

Now let’s take a look at the 14 best anime with immortal MCs! Some of these anime incorporated immortality as a basic concept, and thus these characters are just one of the many similar entities in their own respective universes. I ranked them based on raw power and their ability to repel death, so sit back and enjoy my list!


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Table of Content

Honorable mention(s): Ash Ketchum from Pokemon.

I mean c'mon, he hasn’t aged a single day in 30 years 😀 Yes, this is just a meme entry, but he is absolutely protected by plot armor, so Ash is also a legit pick on the list. Now let’s focus on the real immortals!

14. Baccano!

Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent (not defined)

Baccano is not easy to summarize, especially because the storylines separate early on and there are many little sidetracks to write about. Baccano has an insane amount of main characters, and we can’t exactly select one over the others.

I’ve decided to include Isaac and Miria here. Basically, after alchemists get a hold of immortality and they grant it to the passengers of the Flying Pussyfoot, the holders of this power have to battle royale it out. 

Isaac and Miria only realized that they are immortal after living together for more than 80 years, and not aging a single day. I don’t really understand it either, haha.

The musical score and unique storytelling are the reasons why many fans love Baccano and consider it a masterpiece.


13. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Kazuma Satou

KonoSuba makes an appearance on almost all of my lists, and for a reason. The anime is just too hilarious not to get included every time, it definitely deserves the attention it gets. 

This time a high rank can’t be granted, as Kazuma is merely a weakling. He has some cool tricks up his sleeve, but he isn’t technically immortal either. He just happens to get revived every single time he dies for funny, or even weird reasons, but his lack of control over the events makes his story really fun.


12. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Sakamoto

Sakamoto is actually one of the funniest comedies out there. The only reason I could not recommend it to watch is that the jokes in the show are quite repetitive. Basically, Sakamoto is the perfect human being, and he can’t make mistakes.

Although we don’t even get to know his first name (censored), we are able to admire his skills. Sakamoto doesn’t need a chair to sit, the window ledge is enough. He can’t be soaked with a bucket of water, he always has an umbrella. 

Digging a tunnel straight to the core of the planet? Child’s play for a guy like him! And for these reasons, he probably can’t die either.


11. Angel Beats!

Angel beats
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Yuzuru Otonashi

Angel Beats! was probably everyone’s favorite when it came out. This insanely emotional, yet comedy and action-filled story gave out some hard hits when it comes to production quality. Jun Maeda is a fantastic author, which he proved over and over again in the last years too.

The protagonist of this story, Otonashi, is probably the weakest link in Angel Beats! Everyone else is more interesting, and he isn’t even special because he’s immortal. Everyone else reincarnates too when they die, as it is the basic concept of Angel Beats!

The side characters are all funny and loveable in their own ways, and I can say for sure that this anime is worth watching. The ending will surely hurt all of us again.


10. Ajin: Demi-Human

Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Kei Nagai

Remember Ex-Arm, that horrible anime that came out earlier this year? The animation in that show was literally so bad, that Ex-Arm became one of the 15 WORST rated anime on MAL

This is a big thing, as getting a score lower than 5/10 is an achievement already. Most users rate anime at like 7/10, and Ex-Arm with the overall 2.9 is a real blower.

Well, Ajin also has a unique art style. It’s certainly not as bad as Ex-Arm’s, and we can actually consider it pretty good! The story is set in a world where there are immortal Ajins, people who aren’t even considered human. When the protagonist, Kei, turns into an Ajin one day, he has to face the unreasonable persecution of the real “humans”.


9. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Yuuji Itadori

It’s nearly impossible to not know about Jujutsu Kaisen already. This anime became so popular last year that the studio which made it, MAPPA, became a fan favorite too. They picked up even bigger projects now, and everyone got interested in their work.

In a world where curses live amongst men (men as in humans), the jujutsu sorcerers are destined to protect the world. They wield magical powers to exorcise the cursed spirits, and the young Yuuji Itadori got caught up in a fight at his school one day.

After consuming a weird-looking finger to protect himself, the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna manifested in his body. He could bring destruction to the world if fully awakened, but he also had to protect Yuuji to stay alive. This way, the teenager got brought back to life by the demon when needed.


8. Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Rin. Daughters of Nmemosyne
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Asoga

Would you ever wish for immortality? Living for a long time sounds fun, but it would eventually get really boring. Well, it never gets boring for Rin. It’s rather miserable, as she was always hunted for being an immortal.

After facing death over and over again for centuries, Rin met Kouki Maeno one day. That young man suffered a memory loss, but he wasn’t just a regular person. Rin soon discovered that dying from Kouki’s hand means staying dead for good.


7. Re: Zero

Re Zero
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Subaru Natsuki

Subaru’s immortality is one that really no one could wish for. He – unfortunately – holds the ability to go back to a “checkpoint” after dying.

He suffers a painful death every single time in the new world he was brought to, and he always has to search for a way out of the maze of fate.

Subaru can’t share his burden with anyone else, as he gets killed on spot by the mysterious witch who placed that curse on him, Satella. Subaru only got one chance to protect his sanity: the presence of the love of his life, Emilia. While Rem was clearly the best girl, Subaru fought hard with no power to protect his lover and friends.


6. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms!

Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Maquia

The fantasy-like group of people, the Iorphs hold an interesting ability: staying alive forever. They are great at weaving, but one day the whole tribe got massacred by the local king for no reason except his greed. A few individuals survived, including Maquia.

She went on a journey to feel loved again, and she adopted an orphan baby found in an empty house. Maquia learned the way of motherhood the hard way, living from selling her masterpiece handmade clothes

Watching her adopted son grow up while she hasn’t changed a bit, one day she had to face the hard truth: everyone will die one day, but not her.


5. High School DxD

High School DxD
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Issei Hyoudou

Issei was a simple high schooler. He just wanted to get a girlfriend! That didn’t quite work out for him, as his date killed him after spending the day together. Luckily, the sister of Lucifer, Rias Gremory revived him and made him join her army. 

Serving as the strongest pawn in Rias’ chess team, Issei lived his best life among multiple beautiful girls – with lots of perversions. After he was revealed to wield the power of Ddraig, one of the Heavenly Dragons, Issei started his journey to become the strongest warrior of all time, and of course, to touch as many boobs as possible.


4. To Your Eternity

To your eternity
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Fushi

To Your Eternity was a unique new release of the 2021 Spring season, and the season only ended recently. The first episode was insanely emotional, and everyone had high expectations. It’s up to you to decide if To Your Eternity was good enough, but let me present the plot.

The “Creator”, a mysterious being, one day decided to gather information about the human world. He made an immortal being that can transform into any other entity that it made a connection with, and this creature started to wander the Earth. 

While named Fushi, the first emotionless spirit sooner or later became a fully-fledged human being.


3. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Meliodas

Do you like a big man with big dreams? There are many combinations of ambitious characters in this show, ranging from powerful shorties to stoic heroes. While almost everyone would consider Escanor to be their favorite character, let’s take a look at Meliodas now.

The protagonist, among many other characters, is immortal. Son of the Demon King and the Sin of Wrath, Meliodas led the team of the Seven Deadly Sins to fight the Ten Commandments, a squad led by his brother Zeldris

While Meliodas and his comrades were outlaws too, they all pursued a better future. What can a group of criminals do to save the world?


2. Misfit of The Demon King Academy

Misfit of Demon king Academy
Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad is not only the omnipotent Demon King of his universe, but he is probably one of the strongest characters from all anime. Having abilities ranging from deleting buildings with just a thought, he can also manipulate time and space.

Well, Anos can also reincarnate from time to time. He purposefully left the world two thousand years ago but decided to come back to check on his legacy. His reputation totally faded away, and his descendants don’t even remember his true name. 

After deciding to restore his prestige, Anos soon discovered that there was an old frenemy right beside him all along.


1. Hellsing

Strength Immortality/No Weakness Total

Main Character: Alucard

Do you like vampires? Yeah, of course, you do! Everyone likes vampires! Maybe we wouldn’t if our lives were threatened by them too, haha. In a world infected by the evil darkness, only the holy warriors of the Protestant Church can repel the destruction of vampires. 

Alucard, being a vampire himself, only finds happiness in killing. Pledging loyalty to the leader of Hellsing, the company responsible for hunting monsters, he fights the darkness with pleasure

Alucard can’t be killed, as his body regenerates without an issue. His power can only be sealed away, but once that trap was opened, his wish for murder couldn’t be held back anymore.


Join the Immortal Gang

Misfit of the demon King

These were my top picks for the best immortal protagonists! What do you think about them? The list can easily be expanded further, so make sure to tell us your ideas right below in the comment section! 

You can also re-rank these characters to match your ideas. While you are here, I can heavily recommend reading some of our other articles that feature unique or OP protagonists!


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