25+ ANIME That Will Make You Fall ASLEEP (Recommendations)

Anime To Sleep To

Having trouble sleeping? Here are some anime that will keep you company until you doze off. It’s definitely much better than counting sheep or being left alone with your thoughts, which reminds you of the embarrassing things that have happened way back in the past.

Don’t worry, these are not boring shows that will make you sleepy. Instead, I have chosen anime that are chill and relaxing. We do not want the shows that keep you hyped and thrilled until the mystery unfolds, making you lose sleep over them. Nor the anime that require your undivided attention, so you don’t miss anything important.

We want anime that keeps you entertained without having a super complicated, aggression-filled, or fast-paced storyline. Instead, we want soothing shows that let you relax. Anime that is perfect for watching when going to sleep can be from a variety of different genres, Slice of Life, rom-com, comedies, or even fantasy. Making this list perfect for every type of anime fan.

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Table of Contents

27. Working!

Working! is an easy-going slice of life anime about part-timers working at a restaurant. You will have plenty of episodes to watch as the anime has four 13-14 episode seasons.

Our main guy Takanashi is obsessed with everything cute in this world, and thankfully not in a weird way. Naturally, he accepts the job offer when a highly adorable busty loli named Poplar recruits him to work for her family restaurant Wagnaria

The enjoyment factor comes from its eccentric characters with quirky personalities dealing in fun shenanigans while working. We have a Sanji-looking intimidating head chef, a waitress that uncontrollably punches every boy she sees, a floor chef that wields a katana, a dangerously well-informed blackmailing sous chef, and a very lazy manager.

26. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend


The anime revolves around Tomoya, a high school otaku who has a dream to create the best harem game. For materializing this dream, he hires doujinshi artist “Eriri” as an illustrator, elitist girl “Utaha” as the author, and a beautiful yet mundane girl “Megumi” as a model for the game’s main girl. Sometimes the show gets meta and pokes fun at trash harem shows plaguing the medium. It’s a peaceful show that takes things slowly.

25. Laid-Back Camp

Yuru Camp

This anime is most famously known as another one of the cute-anime-girls-doing-cute-anime-stuff. And I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t benefit from a generous helping of moe before calling it a day.

The Laid-back Camp is exactly that, we see a group of anime cuties going to various camping sites throughout Japan. The vibe is as chill as it gets, seeing the girls chatting at night around the bone fire is a refill for your soul! It’s not just the characters that make this show great, it also has to do with perfect OST, magnificent background art, and a warmth-inducing color palate.

24. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master takagi San

A wholesome adorable show about a middle schooler named Takagi, and the boy she likes Nishikata. It’s honestly very cute seeing her tease him all day long in a generally non-aggressive manner. It’s even cuter seeing Nishikata devising elaborate plans to get back to her while failing epically as she outthinks him every time. But my man Nishikata does not give up and hopes to be successful one day at getting his revenge.

23. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge This anime is if you imagined Usaida and Ryuuichi changed attitudes. I guess this is what Usaida’s dreams must be about. Also called Tanaka-kun is Always Listless in English it revolves around the main character Tanaka, who doesn’t want to exert energy, and his dependable friend Oota (blonde Usaida) as they encounter extraordinary events while living their high school lives. It’s a slice-of-life comedy anime that focuses on the dream of the main character to live a peaceful and quiet life. It also has a pretty unique art style. The similarities it has with Gakuen Babysitters lie in the basic concept of Tanaka’s daily life. While being the opposite of the responsible Ryuuichi, both series focus on the daily life of the characters and the unusual situations that happen in the

Certainly, one of the more atypical anime out there, it is hilarious and refreshing. The music and the tone make a merry and carefree atmosphere, that gets rid of all your stress ensuring you get an easier time snoozing

The show is about an anime high school guy named Tanaka who is always in a listless mood. He is the embodiment of laziness, and all his dreams are related to having to do as little effort as possible. Oota is his dependable friend who is always there to take care of him as Tanaka always manages to doze off doing anything at all.

The anime never gets serious nor does it aim to deliver an eventful story. All the situations and conflicts are there to give you a laugh. That might be a bad thing for a more serious anime, but for Tanaka-Kun, it’s a major selling point. You will find yourself grinning happily through every episode.

22. Pillow Boys

Pillow Boys

How about an anime that is made for getting people who are into cute anime boys to sleep? The characters are there to talk to you as you are on your bed. They gently whisper lullabies in your ears while virtually cuddling with you. 

All the episode features a different boy with his own unique charm, we have a librarian, a mature office guy, and a softie that acts tough among many others. So, make a choice, pick one best suited to your tastes and watch the magic happen. They listen to your problems and make you feel special, erasing all your worries.

21. Sleeping with Hinako

Sleeping With Hinako

The Anime God has answered our prayers, now we can finally sleep with a 2d waifu! 

It’s a collection of three OVAs that focus on doing activities with a cute anime girl named Hinako. All of them focus on an individual activity among bathing, training, and sleeping.

Hinako is a youthful energetic busty anime girl. She also happens to be a lazy shut-in who eats, sleeps, and watches anime all daystill pretty cute though.

It’s not just the footage of her doing stuff. In the sleeping one, Hinako talks to the viewer briefly; she appears to be an advocate of the importance of good sleep.

20. Saint☆Onii-san

Saint Oniichan


We follow their daily lives as they constantly try to hide their identities while exploring modern human society.

Do I even need to say anything else?

You will have a blessed sleep after this one for sure!

19. Toradora!


One of the most famous romantic comedies in anime. The show features a feisty loli named Taiga, a gentle delinquent looking softy named Ruuji who loves housework, and their two other friends named Minori and Yusaku. The thing is they all are stuck in a very strange love trianglenay a love square, perhaps.

Fortunately for us, the anime stays pretty cool throughout its runtime. So, it makes for a great show for romance anime fans to watch before bed. We don’t want you to cry yourself to sleep after watching a tragic romance, do we?

18. Orange

Orange Orange is just another anime with time-traveling as its main theme. Although it does not involve any delinquents or yakuza, it is quite similar to Tokyo Revengers. Both involve some high school romance and the MCs wishing to fix their past mistakes to save their loved ones. We definitely recommend you to check it out if you loved watching Tokyo Revengers. Orange follows the story of Takamiya Naho who receives a detailed letter from herself 10 years in the future one day. Initially, she thinks that someone’s playing a prank on her because let’s be serious, how can a person even receive a letter from her own self from the future? Sounds ridiculous, right? However, Naho notices the things in the letter coming true and has no choice but to believe the miracle that’s happening to her. She has a group of friends which also includes a guy named Kakeru. Her future self deeply regrets that Kakeru is no longer with them in the future and advises her past self to never leave him alone and watch him closely so that he stays with them.

Something about the animation and the color palate is extremely relaxing. The story may seem sad at first but it’s pretty heartwarming.

Orange is about a high school girl named Naho, who starts receiving letters from her future self. All of them are related to a boy named Kakeru who is a transfer student soon to be part of her friend circle. You see in the future Kakeru has passed away, and Naho and her friends have regretted it ever since. But, ten years after that they miraculously discover a way to send letters back in time. She wants her past self to avoid making the decisions that haunt her later on in her life, and most importantly to prevent Kakeru’s tragic fate.

17. My Roommate is a Cat

My Roommate is a Cat From a talking bird to devil babies and back to an ordinary cat. This may seem like a downgrade but keep reading, this series has a lot more in common with Gakuen Babysitters than you thought. It perfectly re-enacts the situation Ryuuichi and Kotarou are in where their parents died in an accident leaving them alone. But in My Roommate is a Cat, the main character is living in solitude until he meets Haru, a grey cat he decided to take care of. He is similar to Ryuuichi because he is put in a situation where he must take care of someone/something other than himself. Although, instead of being like Ryuuichi who is responsible, Subaru can’t even seem to take care of himself. The similarities don’t stop there, after his fateful meeting with Haru, Subaru is now being acquainted with more and more people and is slowly leaving his introverted life. My Roommate is a Cat that builds up an entire story from the “stray gets picked up from the streets” cliche in other anime series and that itself is amazing. It’s heartwarming and also involves funny scenes. Even though Haru has a backstory, the series makes sure that you get to know and fall in love with the characters.

This anime focuses on the things which are truly important in this world, cats and their overloaded cuteness! Trust me this is what you want to watch before ending your day.

It’s a considerably laid-back show that follows the life of Subaru and his adorable cat Haru. Sauru is a highly introverted novelist that has adopted Haru, who had a harsh life on the street with no shelter before that. 

This is a cute tender story about Subaru as he learns to take care of the cat. And as time passes, we see a slow and steady friendship and understanding form between them. During that journey, there are uncountable adorable scenes that give you a warm-fuzzy feeling.

16. Interviews With Monster Girls

Interviews with Monster Girls

In the world of this anime, terrifying characters of the folklore called Demi-humans have been integrated into human society. Moreover, all of them are cute anime girls and more human than you would think. Our main character Tetsuo has a fascination with these Demi-s, he is a biology teacher at school that has three of these Demi-humans as students and one as a teacher. They include a lively Vampire, a mellow Dullahan, and a shy Snow-woman, along with a succubus teacher who is the embodiment of feminine s*x appeal.

Tetsuo conducts casual interviews to learn more about them. You would be surprised to see how calming it is to learn more about the Demi’s as they are being interviewed. Qualifying this anime as a major contender in this list of best anime to watch to easily fall asleep.

15. Bakuman


It’s an anime about the lives of aspiring Mangakas for the shonen jump, and the struggles they have to face to achieve this goal.

Our protagonists are a team of two, a writer and an Illustrator named Takigo and Mashiro respectively.

The anime has its exciting moments but it does not require your undivided attention to enjoy. Their road to success is slow and steady, don’t worry you probably won’t lose sleep over the need to watch the next episode that will reveal something epic.

14. Dagashi Kashi

agashi Kashi

Any cultured fan will recognize the main girl, even if he hasn’t even heard the title before.

It’s a slice-of-life anime, about Dagashi, which is a cheap snack or candy that kids like. We have two main characters, Kokonotsu, whose family owns a respectable Dagashi shop, and Hotaru, a hot anime girl, who is the daughter of a Dagashi Tycoon. She is interested in recruiting our protagonist’s father to join her father’s corporation. 

But, he won’t unless his unwilling son decides to take over the shop. Hotaru is insanely passionate about Dagashi, so much so that the anime is filled with her going on rants about the greatness of individual Dagashi

13. Hyouka


We can’t leave our mystery anime fans hanging, can we?

Generally, a mystery thriller does not make for a good show to sleep in, right?. But, Hyouka is different, it’s pretty tame at making things complicated. Despite that, the show never feels lacking in substance, the pacing perfectly matches the style.

There is a reason it’s considered one of the best works of the prestigious KyoAni Studio!

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12. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden sits comfortably among one of the prettiest anime you will ever see. A show so beautifully animated that it may bring tears to your eyes.

It’s a tale of the self-discovery of a former frontline female soldier named Violet. All her life she had only seen battle and blood as she was raised for the sole purpose of fighting. Now, when the war has finally concluded, she lands a role working as an “Auto Memory Doll”. These are professionals that write letters on behalf of people that can’t write. 

Their job is to understand the thoughts and feelings of their clients writing it down to be sent as a letter. Violet’s tragic life has left her with no understanding of what feelings and love mean, but she wants to learn that, so she can find the true meaning behind the final words left to her by the person she held the dearest

11. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Slice of Life Anime - Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kobayashi is a programmer that is leaving home to go to work. Suddenly he sees a dragon’s head in the distance. The dragon immediately transforms into a bright and cheery cute anime girl named Tooru, who is here to live with him. It turns out Kobayashi had offered a lonely dragon his place to stay when he was drunk. But, Tooru wants to repay him by working as a maid.

A type of show that is exclusive to us anime fans, I mean having a dragon as a maid couldn’t have worked in any other medium. The light-hearted comedy, the positive vibes, and the cutest of anime girls will surely give you some very pleasant dreams. This will ensure that you wake up in a lively mood, so you are on top of your game for the rest of the day!

10. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life of Saiki. K.

I know it’s not one of the more slow-paced shows. But, who doesn’t like to watch something stupidly fun before drifting to sleep? There are no dangerous villains, no big goals to achieveIt’s just lovely to watch the antics of some of the most hilarious over-the-top characters.

It’s an episodic anime with two seasons and around 75 episodes. The show follows the life of Saiki K. who happens to be the most overpowered psychic in the world. But he only wants a peaceful low-key life

However, this desire is left unfulfilled as he garners the attention of some odd but amusing characters. Among them is gorilla brain Nendou, and delusional Kidou who thinks that he has superpowers like that of a Shonen anime protagonist.

9. The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride - Mahoutsukai no Yome

Ancient Magnus’ Bride is essentially about a Japanese high school girl named Chise who sells herself in an auction. She gets bought for five million pounds by a humanoid mage with an animal skull for ahead. This guy makes Chise his apprentice and also his bride. It’s a beautiful story that makes you understand the hardships of the show’s characters with a tasteful romantic touch. The show is praised for its exceptional animation and unforgettably superb music.

8. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Slice of Life Anime - Daily Lives of High School Boys - Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

If you are a big fan of comedy anime, you might have seen this one topping the charts of many lists. And there is a pretty good reason for that, as this anime is ridiculously funny.

The anime is about some colorful characters that happen to be the students of an all-boys school named Sanada North High. That description may lead you to think this anime has cheap ecchi comedy, but that can’t be further from the truth. As the name suggests it’s about their daily antics, they make life fun with a wonderful imagination, making relatable seemingly normal situations a treat to watch.

7. Mushishi


Easily one of the most beloved slice of life anime made especially for fans that love more moderately-paced stories. The atmosphere is so soothing that you will get lost in feeling before you know it. And if it’s time to sleep then believe me you will sleep.

The greatest strength of the anime comes from a slow yet extremely deep world-building and a rare narrative style. The show has achieved new heights of great storytelling, that is yet to be replicated.  

6. Barakamon

Barakamon Barakamon is not about taking care of children but it’s about discovering yourself while being in contact with one. The plot of Barakamon is centered on Seishu Handa who is a narcissistic and talented calligrapher who was exiled to the Goto Islands after losing his cool when his work was called unoriginal. He meets his wacky neighbors who keep barging into his home, one of which is Naru Kotoishi, a very annoying child. While in exile and always being kept busy by his neighbors, he starts to learn new things that began to change his view on so many things in life. Gakuen Babysitters primarily focuses on antics as well as having subtle emotional scenes such as the case with Barakamon. But Barakamon tends to focus on one of Seishu’s views on life instead of his situation. It has similarities with the comedic scenes in Gakuen Babysitters as well as the way it portrays a slice of life. Maybe by watching this anime, you can learn som

Handa is a handsome and talented chirographer with some anger issues. After punching a critic of his art in the face, his dad punishes him by sending him out to the countryside. Handa likes to keep to himself, but this new town is filled with the intrusive yet lovely village folk, mainly kids. As time passes Handa opens up to them, as the story goes on, we see an improvement in his art as well as his temper. Before this, his calligraphy was technically sound, but now his work has life in it.

The anime also has a standalone prequel titled Handa-Kun which is among the funniest anime I have ever seen. Although you don’t need to watch it before Barakamon, if you loved this show then be sure to check that out too.

5. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

The show is set in a fictional European setting, as it follows a young traveling merchant named Lawrance. One day he encounters a 6-century old wolf-deity called Holo, who ensures a good harvest. However, the village people have forsaken her. So, she makes a deal with the young trader to escort her to her hometown.

It’s a profoundly beautiful experience seeing her learn about the world that has changed over the centuries all the while sharing timeless wisdom of trade with Lawrence.

4. Non-Non Biyori

Slice of Life Anime - Non-Non Biyori

It’s a relaxing anime showing off the everyday lives of the characters in its world. This anime has one of the most passionate cult following I have ever seen.

The premise is pretty simple yet intriguing. It’s about the students of a rural town’s school, which has only five students in total, in varying grades. It’s not easy putting the finger on what exactly makes this show so great, but the short answer is the characters, they are simply amazing.

Watch this if you are having an especially stressful day, and feel all the discomforts dissolve away!

3. Aria the Animation

Mankind has advanced as a civilization, and now Mars is also inhabited by people. The people there have created a city named Neo-Venezia inspired by the beautiful city of Venice back on earth.

Our protagonist is training to be a tour guide under a company named Aria. Teaching the tourists and the viewers alike about the man-made wonders of the city.

The comedy in the show is grounded, making you smile often. Aria keeps it classy, without any obnoxious events or characters. One of the most likable things about this title is that there are no unnecessary characters.

2. Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop

After the death of his grandfather, Daikichi Kawachi decides to adopt Rin, his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter who is the most lovable sweetest girl ever!

It’s the most wholesome anime I have ever seen. We see Daikichi’s journey to fatherhood, filled with the most endearing moments I have ever seen. This anime is true nourishment for your soul.


1. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Pet Girl

I just don’t have words to describe how much I love this anime. I have very biased personal feelings towards this title, it has gotten me through some tough times. Something about seeing the young characters following their passions has inspired me time and again to get motivated to follow my dreams.

The story begins when a withdrawn girl named Mashiro comes to live in a dorm for problematic students, Sakura Hall. The students residing there are not delinquents, instead, they are just different. Our protagonist Sorata is the most normal dude, only there because the normal dorm had a no-pet policy and he had recently adopted a cat. Back to Shiro, she is a brilliant artist but she lacks common sense and doesn’t know how to take care of herself. So, Sorata sort of adopts her too.

Please, just watch it!

Final Verdict

Anime offers a lot of different titles that you should watch before sleeping to calm your mind, body, and soul. There are some anime exclusively created to help you fall asleep like Pillow Boys. Please don’t watch a fast-paced complicated thriller or something like that, it will not help you with sleeping. Instead, pick one anime from this list, and bookmark this page so it’s easy to come back and pick another once finished.

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