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The world of manga is a perilous one. Promising stories can rise and fall week to week for seemingly little reason. For a manga to stand out, it has to do just about everything right. Chainsaw Man does everything right and with the upcoming anime adaptation for it coming up, you can expect it to blow up the same way something like Jujutsu Kaisen did. Just like Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man is a manga known for having characters that can grab the readers’ attention and keep them wanting more of them. Chainsaw Man boasts several complex and unique characters all in a fleshed-out world for its readers to explore. Chainsaw Man is doubtless one of the most anticipated anime in recent memory and we hope this will help give fans a taste of what they can expect whenever the anime releases.

Today, we’ll be looking at Angel Devil, one of the side characters we get introduced to into the manga. He has a big role to play in some of Chainsaw Man’s arc and his many appearances give us enough material to delve deep into what makes him tick. Today, we’ll be looking at his personality and skills as well as going over some of his relationships and affiliations. He is a member of Special Division 4 and is known as its second strongest member. He is also said to be much stronger than he lets on but he is held back by his own laziness (Chapter 34).

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

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Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

One of the real highlights of Chainsaw Man are the designs for many of its characters. Angel Devil is a Devil who is meant to embody the characteristics of an Angel. These key traits shine through in every aspect of his character design. He has short auburn hair and is usually seen wearing a Special Division uniform (Chapter 34).

 What is immediately noticeable are the large angelic wings on his back. Another thing people then notice is the halo seemingly floating above his head. One important thing to note is that it is hard to tell if he is a man or a woman, having a very androgynous appearance.

Angel Devil

Angel Devil

Character Info


Position: Devil Hunter

More Information

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Auburn


Affiliations: Public Safety, Special Divisions

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 34


Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

Angel Devil has a fair few key traits to him that make him an interesting and nuanced character. In this section, we will go through some of them as well as going over some key examples to highlight them.

 He has a very complex personality due to having to embody both an Angel and a Devil. You would think he is someone who would be very against humans. Every other Devil in the series follows that mold but Angel Devil is different. Unlike his peers, Angel Devil seems more dismissive of human beings than actively hating them.

 He would himself protest that he would rather be a Devil than an Angel but his actions go against that. Angel Devil is harsh enough to blatantly say that humans deserve painful deaths but his actions say otherwise (Chapter 41). He is sometimes seen being very comforting towards people in great need or people close to death, which would go against who he says he is.

 He is known as the second strongest member in Special Division 4 but is often held back by his personality. He is lazy and averse to combat to the point where he claims he would rather die than end up fighting for his life (Chapter 34).

 His last key trait is his rebelliousness. Angel Devil often shows a strong dislike when obeying orders from the people above him, especially when they involve him having to fight and use his abilities.

 It isn’t just laziness that makes him resent fighting, it also has much to do with how his power works. He has to touch people and use their own lifespan to create many of his weapons. Whenever he does this, he always seems apologetic and regretful because he needs to hurt even his allies to fight. This is exactly what happened with Aki, where he thought he had stolen two months away from her lifespan (Chapter 50).

Strengths and Skills

Angel Devil 3.png


Being both an Angel and a Devil, he has a fair few skills and abilities that we can get through.

The Angel Devil is very durable and sturdy, his body being capable of taking high impact punches with little damage. Even his wings are shown to be strong enough to become a makeshift shield capable of deflecting bullets (Chapter 34). He also seems capable of regaining his health after consuming blood. This ability would only boost his endurance and he would have an edge in any battle of attrition.

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man


 Due to his Devil nature, it is all but impossible to really kill Angel Devil. If he is ever slain in battle, he will revive in Hell (Chapter 53).

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man


All devils are capable of making contracts with human beings. In the world of Chainsaw Man, a human can borrow some of a devil’s power in exchange for a sacrifice. As a Devil, there is no reason that the Angel Devil cannot form one too with a human if he wanted. To date, we do not know of any people that have entered into a contract with the Angel Devil.

Angel Devil 4

Weapon Proficiency

The Angel Devil is shown as being capable of using a wide variety of weapons in the few times we see him fight in the manga. He is shown as being very effective with a spear, able to accurately throw it at targets even across rooftops. He is also seen as being great with a sword, capable of defeating multiple targets with a single fast strike (Chapter 60). It is doubtless there are other weapons he can use effectively as well, though he hasn’t yet shown us that so far.

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

Lifespan Absorption

Through touch alone, the Angel Devil is capable of absorbing the life force of human beings. This contact and transfer of lifeforce is painless no matter how much of their strength he ends up absorbing. The reason he needs to do this is because he can use this absorbed power to create a host of supernatural weapons that are all very powerful in their own right.


  • Five Years: If the Angel Devil has absorbed a lifespan that would be equal to five years, he can use all of it to manifest a bright, shining sword that emerges out of the halo on his head. This sword is supernaturally sharp, capable of instantly killing someone without even leaving any signs that it had been used (Chapter 60).
  • Ten Years: If the Angel Devil has absorbed a lifespan that would be equal to ten years, he can again use it to manifest a bright, shining sword that emerges out of the halo on his head. We do not know the abilities of this version compared to the one we talked about previously, but we can guess that it would be a fair bit stronger.
  • Hundred Years: If the Angel Devil has absorbed a lifespan that would be equal to one hundred years, he can once again use it to manifest a shining sword that emerges out of the halo on his head. It should be obvious that each version is stronger than the last though we do not know how much stronger they are exactly.
  • Thousand Years: If the Angel Devil has absorbed a lifespan that would be equal to one thousand years, he can use it to manifest a bright spear that emerges out of the halo on his head. This is the most powerful technique the Angel Devil can use and this spear is even said to be powerful enough to overcome even the Chainsaw Man.


  • We do not know what the maximum amount of lifespan Angel Devil can absorb is. It is entirely possible he can have a technique even stronger than the one he can use by sacrificing a thousand years of lifeforce.
  • His absorption is very fast, to the point where Aki lost two months of her life just from briefly touching his hand.
  • No-one knows how old the Angel Devil is exactly.
  • Despite his few appearances, the Angel Devil ranked 6th in the first character popularity poll run for Chainsaw Man.


Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

From what we know, he was initially living a normal and happy life by himself in a small village. This was the place he had settled into when he found himself in the human world.  Everything changed when Makima happened to be in the area and stumbled onto his village. She then started to control him. She used his ability to drain the life force from everyone she could find in the village -hence killing them. She turned all of their lives into weapons (Chapter 41). Despite the horrifying things he has done, he is forced to remember the fact that he committed all of them himself. Later on, he gets abducted by her and is then forced to work in the Special Forces alongside her (Chapter 42).


Special Division

Special Divisions

The Angel Devil works as a devil hunter in Special Division 4. He is known as one of the strongest members, with some even saying he is the second strongest. He seems to resent his duties somewhat and many can complain that he lets his laziness get in the way of his work. Regardless, he is also dependable and diligent when it suits him.


Aki Hayakawa Status


Aki is the one the Angel Devil is usually seen partnering up with. Their friendship started off much more rocky than you might expect, with the both of them not able to get along at all. However, over the course of the series these two end up working closer together and becoming much better friends. 

They end up generally caring about each other, even to the point where Aki is willing to give away his lifespan to the Angel Devil so that he can continue to live. The Angel Devil seems to reciprocate this friendship to a large extent (Chapter 74).


Katana man arc

Katana Man Arc

The Angel Devil was part of the team assembled to fight against a few terrorists. In this arc, their team is led by Akane. In this arc, the Angel Devil only had some minor character building moments. He was seen at the scene of the battle eating a displaced head left over by a zombie while his allies engaged in battle (Chapter 34).

 This was also the arc where the Angel Devil seemed to go out of his way for Aki for the first time. A gunman appeared and tried to shoot him. The Angel Devil used his wings to try and shield him.

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

Bomb Girl Arc

This is the first arc where we see the Angel Devil and Aki become a team. Right off the bat, the two are at each other’s throats. Aki was even begged to pretend to get along with his new partner but the tensions started right away. There are a few character defining moments in this arc.

 The Angel Devil recounts the tale of two mice, one of which lives out in the country while the other one lives out in the city. The one in the country has a carefree life without much hardship or difficulty but its life is much more stale and boring. The one in the city has a relatively exciting life full of delicious food but this comes at a cost: the city mouse has to constantly be fighting for its life where it lives. At the end, the Angel Devil proclaims that he’d personally rather be the mouse living in the country (Chapter 42).

 This is obviously an analogy to the Special Forces unit, where the Angel Devil is the second strongest member but he is too lazy to show it off.


Bomb girl

 Later on, the Angel Devil finds a man on the verge of death and ends up comforting them. Up till that point, he seemed very aloof and uncaring. He ends up telling the man that he will return to heaven after he passes. The Angel Devil needed his blood to heal Denji but he definitely didn’t need to be as nice about it as he did.

 In the final clash of the arc, the Angel Devil came perilously close to getting sucked in a typhoon. He was hanging on for dear life, knowing that there was no-one who could really help him as anyone who touched him would end up losing some of their lifespan. When he seemed resigned with his fate, Aki gave him his hand to help him. This came as a shock to the Angel Devil. Later on, the Angel Devil estimates that Aki gave up two months of his lifespan to protect him (Chapter 50).

International Assassins Chainsaw Man

International Assassins Arc

This is the arc where the Angel Devil is tasked with safeguarding Denji while he is out on patrol. In this arc, it is revealed that the Angel Devil told Aki about what happens to Devils after they die, which is that they get revived in Hell (Chapter 53).

Later on, the Angel Devil has to take on a group of puppets that are all under the influence of a man. He seems to do so without much effort even though he is not much use later on in the fight versus the Darkness Devil. And the guy is also known as Santa Claus.

Gun Devil Chainsaw Man

Gun Devil Arc

In this arc, the Angel Devil is unable to use his arms as they were severed in the last arc. Aki urges him to instead seek out humans and form a contract with as many of them as he can, so that he wouldn’t get hunted by Devil Hunters in turn.

Later on, his memories get released and he remembers how he first discovered his powers. He was forced by Makima to slay and absorb the lifeforce of everyone in his village. After realizing this, Makima takes control of him again, adding him to her arsenal as just another  new and strong weapon.

Voice Actor

Angel Devil

As the Chainsaw Man anime hasn’t been released yet, we do not know who will be playing the part of the Angel Devil. You can be sure we will update this section as soon as we find out.

Final Verdict

Even before being released, Chainsaw Man seems almost guaranteed to become one of the biggest anime of this year. It will introduce its fans to many of their soon to be favorite characters and just one of them is the Angel Devil. Many manga readers are similarly doubtless eager to see their favorite character animated on the big screen.


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