Angel Beats Zodiac Signs

"We Have No Choice But To Accept The One And Only Life We're Given, No Matter How Cruel And Heartless It Might Be." -Yuki Nakamura

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing great. If not, don’t worry because I got you covered. Today, we present you with 12 Angel Beats Zodiac Signs!

Before we start, I would like to say that this is completely fictional. I don’t expect you to take any of this seriously. I’m not the best at judging people, but I do wish you like this list I put together. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


January 20-Febuary 19

Yuri Nakamura

Birthday: Fictional

Yuri is a charismatic leader who is able to keep her cool during tricky situations. She is respected amongst her peers even when she doubts her abilities.

She’s a bright girl whom I’m sure my mother wishes were her daughter. Sorry Mom, you’re stuck with me. Most of the SSS members call her Yurippe, which is a nickname given by Hinata.


February 20-March 20

Kanade Tachibana

Birthday: Fictional

Kanade is usually emotionless and is hard to figure out. Since she isn’t expressive, she doesn’t comprehend the idea of boundaries. Kanade acts like a kid and an adult all at once. She doesn’t seem to have a consciousness and thus acts as though life is all but a dream.

She’s intelligent despite her social skills. However, she softens up towards the people she trusts. Don’t think that Kanade is a pushover—she ignores school rules to eat her favorite Mapo Tofu!


Birthday: Fictional

Yusa is a well-mannered girl who, like Kanade, is often expressionless. She doesn’t show her emotions, and because of that, she tends to hurt those around her without meaning to.

Hinata thinks of her to be scary because she doesn’t display her feelings at all. It’s interesting because Yusa is very disciplined and gentle, yet she evokes negative reactions amongst the team.


March 21-April 20

Misami Iwasawa

Birthday: Fictional

Masami is as cool as a cucumber. She’s quiet yet fascinating at the same time. Her music will, ten times out of ten, captivate her audience. Although she seems simple, she hides her feelings and has her heart guarded.

She’s known to be the Cool Beauty of the bunch, which is a nickname given by Yuri.


April 21-May 20


May 21-June 20

Yuri Nakamura

Birthday: Fictional

Yuri is adorable! Oh, I just love her. Despite her lonely past, she is a bright and cheerful girl. She has an insane amount of energy. You know, I drink four cups of coffee and that’s only enough to get me out of bed. Disclaimer: Don’t drink coffee kids.

Anyway, it’s understandable how hyperactive she is because she spent her past life paralyzed and stuck in a hospital bed. It makes me happy knowing that she can freely move however she wants. I’m going to cry ☹

Hideki Hinata

Birthday: Fictional

Hideki is a charismatic guy that flirts his way through most of his scenes! Whenever things get rough, he uses his humor to ease the situation. He would be the Class Clown in my high school. I wish everyone has a Hideki by their side!

He’s cheerful and friendly to everyone except Ayato, Yui, and Noda. So, he’d probably grant you a laugh or two!


June 21-July 22

Miyuki Irie

Birthday: Fictional

Isn’t she a sweetheart? Miyuki is a shy and gentle girl. She often gets scared whenever she listens to horror stories like ghost fables and such.

It pains me to see her being taken advantage of because she is so innocent. I think it is time that I announce that Miyuki is my baby. Oh, I wish! God, life is unfair.


July 23-August 22

Eri Shiina

Birthday: Fictional

Eri Shiina is a chill and collected character. She’s confident and has a hard exterior. But man, she’s a sucker for cute things. You give her a teddy bear and that coolness she has melts. Not only does she squeal in front of stuffed animals, but she’ll go ballistic if you threaten them.


August 23-September 22


September 23-October 22

Shiori Sekine

Birthday: Fictional

Don’t let these innocent blue eyes fool you. This girl is a rascal!! No, that’s very mean of me to say. But she is a devil. Shiori is a mischievous little thing that loves to cause havoc whenever she can. Not only that, but she also brings Irie with her as she makes trouble.

She isn’t evil, but she enjoys causing mayhem. She cares for others, yet also believes she’s above them too!


October 23-November 22


Birthday: Fictional

Tk is a weird dude. When I say weird, I mean mysterious. I don’t get him, and I don’t think I ever will. He’s an enigma.

TK’s identity is unknown by the team, and he quotes lyrics of TM Network songs. He’s a pop culture enthusiast, and he’s talented in almost anything. The man can dance. Although he is full of talent, his biggest one is that he saves the team many times.


November 23-December 21


December 22-January 19

Ayato Naoi

Birthday: Fictional

Like Yuzuru, Ayato brings home the comic relief of the rather intense anime. That, I’m thankful for. If he’s not claiming he is a God, he most likely is throwing rude comments to his teammates.

I love him, don’t get me wrong. But don’t you also get the urge to just pop someone right on the mouth?

Yuzuru Otanoshi

Birthday: Fictional

Before his sister’s death, Yuzuru was not a responsible person. The Capricorn traits started to show up once he lost his dear sister. He became determined to help people like his sister by studying hard to become a doctor.

Yuzuru becomes a very kind and reasonable guy, which is a complete 180 from his lazy and selfish days. Losing someone always takes a toll on one’s personality.



I try to be as light-hearted as I can, but my friends, it was hard doing this one. Angel Beats was a tear-jerker at the very least. These characters had such painful pasts that I couldn’t bring myself to crack a joke. But the beauty of Angel Beats is although it can be distressing to watch, it has spectacular comedy. If anyone claims that anime is just for kids, do me a favor and recommend Angel Beats for me! 

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