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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is a beloved show with a one-of-a-kind plot. The characters in the anime have contrasting personalities to each other, which makes the chemistry between them fun to watch.

Today, we will be looking at these characters’ birth dates and get to know them even better!



Yukino Yukinoshita

Birthday: January 3

Yukino is a bright and beautiful girl who runs the Service Club in her school. Because of her ice-cold personality, she has been nicknamed the ice queen by many students!

Regardless of her character, she believes in helping people who’ve lost their way in life.


Meguri Shiromeguri

Birthday: January 21

Meguri is the president of the Sobu High School student council and a third-year student. Even though she’s the president, she’s not the best leader to have around, but her sweet personality has made her the students’ favorite and everyone respects her



Kaori Orimoto

Birthday: February 21

Kaori is the girl that broke Hachiman’s heart and scarred him for life. Kaori may appear as a sweet and innocent girl. Still, in reality, she’s blunt and inconsiderate, giving no respect to others and often basing her opinions on rumors and gossip.



Komachi Hikigaya

Birthday: March 3

Komachi is the younger sibling of Hachiman, and she fits that role perfectly. She’s not very serious and likes to let go of things without hesitation. She’s fun to be around and always cheers up her friends and her brother’s mood.



Iroha Isshiki

Birthday: April 16

Iroha may appear to many as that one girl who’s always clumsy and forgets things. People feel bad for her. But this is nothing more than a farce; she’s pretty sly and acts this way so that people think she’s cute. She also is the manager of the soccer club and the future president of the student council.


Saika Totsuka

Birthday: May 9

Saika is a guy who’s trying to act as manly as possible because people often mistake him for a girl. Saika has a very feminine appearance and performs feminine as well. He is the president of the school’s tennis club and also is an outstanding player.



Yui Yuigahama

Birthday: June 18

Yui is an extroverted girl; she has a lot of good qualities which make people like her. She was the first customer of the service club and later ended up joining the club with Hachiman.


Minami Sagami

Birthday: June 26

Minami is the leader of the second most popular group in her school, and this has inflated her ego to the point that she puts on a facade to impress people. She often uses her group to increase her popularity.



Haruno Yukinoshita

Birthday: July 7

Haruno Yukinoshita is the older sibling of Yukino and tries to have a warm and welcoming attitude towards others. She is brilliant and easily manipulates people around her.

Hina Ebina

Birthday: July 14

Hina is an otaku to heart, and Yaoi seems to be her thing; she is fascinated by Yaoi. Hina has an energetic demeanor and lives to hang out with her friends.



Hachiman Hikigaya

Birthday: August 8

Hachiman is a loner, to say the least; he has given up on society and thinks his peers put up a farce of being happy when in reality, they are just as unhappy as he is.

Kakeru Tobe

Birthday: August 29

Kakeru is just a fun guy to be around; he never disrespects anyone and is very active. He tries to be popular and also praises the ones that are more skilled than him.



Hayato Hayama

Birthday: September 28

Hayato is the guy that every boy strives to be like; he accomplishes everything he puts his mind to and is the crush of every girl in his class.


Saki Kawasaki

Birthday: October 26

Saki Kawasaki is yet another loner in Hachiman’s class; she is a very calm and composed individual and might smoke sometimes as she carries around a lighter.



Yoshiteru Zaimokuza

Birthday: November 23

He is an eccentric individual, often referring to himself as 3rd person, living in a world filled with his fantasies. He often uses references which no one understands.



Yumiko Miura

Birthday: December 12

Yumiko is the most popular girl in her school, which and because of this, she has a lot of advantages. People like to be around her as being around her will increase their level in the high school hierarchy. She’s beautiful and holds herself in very high esteem, a typical mean girl.


oregairu yui

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Anime with a protagonist that all of us weebs can relate with, Oregairu has set a very high bar for other anime with the slice of life genre. It is definitely an intellectual masterpiece that will make you wonder how life and relationships work( Most of us haven't figured it out yet). This anime will also grace you with a lot of fanservice (Ahem). With a set of extremely realistic and very likable characters, Oregairu has done a fantastic job. Our protagonist is a loner and very realistic. He doesn't give a crap about anything and believes strongly in his ideals. The two girls with him are also polar opposites of each other but he tries his best to keep their relationship intact until the end of the anime. The story revolves around Hikigaya Hachiman who likes to be alone and stay away from normies as much as he can. People around him think he's creepy because of his dead eyes and kinda scary smile. His teacher, Shizuka Hiratsuka, who is also one of the most loved women in anime, notices this about him and forces him to join the service club in his high school. There he meets Yukino and Yui who help other students in need. The story looks simple but there is a lot more going on inside and is way more complicated than you think. It has also used the theme of Harem very intelligently which we really admire.