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Hey, guys! Glad to see you back at Quotetheanime. So, I bet we all are fans of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and all its characters, right? Today we’re going to unfold the prominent supporting antagonist from demon slayer. Can you guess who? 

Yes, you guessed right! He is Akaza, who is pretty famous for his strength and badass style! Are you guys excited? So, let’s begin unfolding him!

So, we all know that just like protagonists, antagonists play a significant role in anime. The stronger the villains are, the stronger would be the heroes. Their importance is just unneglectable. The same goes with Akaza! He plays a prominent role in building the storyline and our Tanjiro.

Akaza is a villain who is loved by fans worldwide because of his killer and badass personality. His personality isn’t the only reason why he is loved. Not every antagonist is born evil. People can’t accept the differences and force others to be evil. The same is the case with Akaza; his worst life made him a demon inside-out!

Table of Content


Character Information

Title: Upper Moon 3


Full Name: Hakuji Soyoma

Age: More than 200 years

Gender: Male

Hair Color:

-Pink (Demon)

-Black (Human)

Eye Color:

-Pink and Yellow (Demon)

-Bue (Human)

Species: Demon

Professional Status

Rank: Upper Moon 3


-Muzan Kibutsuji

-Twelve Kizuki



-Master Keizo


Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

Chapter 62

Anime debut:

Kimetsu no Yaiba-The Movie: Mugen Train

Voice Actors

Japanese: Akira Ishida

English: Lucien Dodge


Akaza is usually in his demon form that is responsible for his popularity. His looks are beguiling as he looks younger than his actual age. Apparently, he is just 18 years old. It’s unbelievable that this kid has lived for more than two centuries

Akaza is a young and handsome guy who has a neat and deadly persona. He has cool blue tattoos over his body that dominates him more as a demon. You’ll mostly see him wearing a sleeveless pink jacket and pants

His pink hair and pink eyelashes matching his jacket give him an innocent look. As said earlier, his expressions are beguiling. One could never judge that he is harmless or deadly until he exposes himself. So beware!

While in combat, he uses a similar pose to the “Tang soo do” form of martial arts keeping his right hand open. In martial arts, open hand techniques are also called “karate chops” (Knife-hand Technique). 

This technique pierces the opponent, similar to the scene in the fight between Akaza and Kyoujurou Rengoku. (Manga Chapter 63). In the battle, Akaza used the same technique to injure Rengoku. In the anime, the names of his skills are different.


Akaza, as a demon, has a powerful and deadly personality. Hatred for humans and weaklings is a thing that best describes his character. The way he is strong, he demands the same from others. He has an immense disliking towards the weak and humans. Best judged by his following words;

“I really hate weak humans too. When I look at weaklings, I just feel disgusted.” (Manga Chapter 63)

“Yes, I’m repulsed by weaklings. They make me vomit.” (Manga Chapter 148)

The above were the words he said when he encountered Rengoku for the first time. Later, he asked him many times to be a demon as he was impressed by the strength of Rengoku. The reason why Akaza hates humans so much is because humans are mortal, slow to heal, and weak. As he said himself;

“Then I have a wonderful Proposal. How about you become a demon too?”

“Kyoujurou, I’ll tell you why you aren’t crossing into supreme territory. Because you’re human. Because you’ll grow old. Because you’ll die.”

His love for being a demon follows the same principles. It is because he believes that a Demon is unbeatable.

“Become a demon Kyoujurou. If you do, You can continue to train for a hundred. Even two hundred years. You can become stronger.”

“If you don’t become a demon. Then I’ll kill you!”

(Manga Chapter 63)

From his words, it’s easy to say that he is overconfident being a demon. To him, no human is more powerful than a Demon. Besides, that’s his weakness as well. 

“No matter how much you struggle, humans can’t beat demons.” (Manga Chapter 64)

The more he hates the weaklings, the more he respects the strong ones. Strength always intrigues Akaza. He fights the strong opponents interestingly. He appreciates the worthy opponent to an intensity that he loves to remember their names.

“I now accept that Kyoujurou was right to say that. You are truly not weak. I’ll show my respect for you.” (Manga chapter 147)

Above were the words he said to Tanjiro during their fight. The following are the words he said to Giyu Tomioka after being impressed by his abilities as a water pillar.

 “Give me your name! what is it!! I want to remember you!! (Manga Chapter 147)

Akaza is stubborn by nature. He wants to get what he wants; there are no in-betweens. He talks a lot to an amount that irritates others and keeps struggling to get his answers.

Giyu: “I will not give my name to a demon. Names are not to be shared. I hate speaking, so don’t talk to me.”

Akaza: “Ah, Okay so you hate talking. But I love talking. I’ll ask you again and again for your name!!”

(Manga Chapter 148)

Like other antagonists, he is not different. He has no moral values and is merciless when it comes to fighting. Akaza never cares for the dead or alive!

“I’m glad Kyoujurou died that night. He most likely wouldn’t have been able to get any stronger than when I saw him then. And he had that dumb worldview about wanting to stay a human.” (Manga Chapter 148)

Akaza has a problem-solving mind that tries his best to keep calm in unexpected situations. Akaza works to find the solution to a problem. And this is one of his strengths!

“My senses were in chaos, my compass wasn’t detecting anything. But that’s no problem either. On the Battlefield, you have to confront all unexpected situations, even if it’s your first time encountering them, and find a way to deal with them, I can do that. (Manga Chapter 153) 

Akaza is the one who can’t admit that he is a weakling and therefore, this is the reason he is always finding a way to become even stronger. Strength is not a word or a liking; it’s his life and more than a purpose to him.

His will is the reason that he is a difficult opponent. Akaza’s will is his biggest weapon. At the most critical moments, he never accepted his defeats. 

Following are his words that best describe his will; 

“Not yet, I can still fight!! I can still get stronger! It can’t end here. I will get stronger. I have to become stronger than everyone else. Stronger. Even stronger.” (Manga Chapter 153)

The above were the words he said when he was headless. Of course, he was on the verge of death.

We concluded the following points from his personality;

  •         Akaza hates weaklings
  •         Akaza’s will is his biggest weapon
  •         He doesn’t lose his calm in unexpected situations
  •         Strength intrigues him
  •         He has a problem-solving mind

Strength And Skills

Akaza is the prominent supporting antagonist of Demon Slayer. He is an upper moon three in rank that is considered a higher level. As said earlier, an antagonist plays a significant role in sharpening the protagonist. Akaza is a strong character plus, his impact on other figures is strong enough to make them the best version of themselves. 

During the fight between Tanjiro and Akaza, Kamado realized a lot of things. He was able to master a new skill of completely hiding his battle spirit.

Akaza: What is this weird presence? It’s like he’s become a completely different being. This guy is weird. His battle spirit is gone.” (Manga chapter 152)

There are many techniques and abilities that Akaza has; only the major ones are below!

Akaza Compass Needle

Destructive Kill:
Compass Needle
(Detecting the battle spirit)

It is one of the significant strengths of Akaza. He can easily sense the opponent’s attacks even without seeing. That’s because he can detect a person’s movements with his ability of Detection Compass. The strength of his detection compass and the opponent’s battle spirit is directly proportional.

Akaza: “The stronger his battle spirit is, the stronger my compass detection will get.” (Manga Chapter 152)

Tanjiro: “These precise techniques!! They pierce through my openings as accurately as a compass. What’s more, these attacks aim for my vital points as if they’re being attracted by magnets.” (Manga Chapter 149)

Akaza Healing


Healing is another magnificent ability of Akaza. He can easily withstand the wounds that a typical human can’t. The reason is his ability to heal. So, it is also one of the main reasons he believes a demon is far better than a human.

“Even if you fight with the intention to sacrifice your body, it’s all pointless Kyoujurou. The wonderful splashes which you attacked me with have already completely healed.”

“If you were a demon, you would be cured in the blink of an eye. If you were a demon, this would be cured in the blink of an eye. If you were a demon, this could be just a scratch.” 

(Manga Chapter 64)

Akaza Obliteration Style

Destructive Kill Obliteration Style

It is the final blow of Akaza that is fatal. Hardly there would be anyone who could stand this. Throughout the anime, the ones who encountered this technique were found dead. Akaza used this technique against Rengoku that resulted in his death.

In this technique, he uses his right hand to pierce through the body of the opponent. (Manga Chapter 64)

Akaza Willow of thousand flashes 2

Destructive Kill: Willow of Thousand Flashes

Akaza is unbelievably fast in combat. He gives the opponents chills and goosebumps. It becomes difficult for the opponent to deal with his speed, detecting compass and strength combined.

Akaza Willow of Thousand Flashes


Akaza’s attacks are so powerful that they leave no one unscratched. It is what Tanjiro himself acknowledged during their battle.

“Even if I was somehow able to predict his movements and intercept the blow, he’s so powerful I can’t get away unscathed!!” (Manga Chapter 149)

Akaza Regeneration


Regeneration is one of Akaza’s best abilities. During his fight, Tanjiro beheaded him. But to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t die like other demons instead; started regenerating.

Akaza Strong Will

Strong Will

Akaza’s will to never give up and be the best version of him played a prominent role in subjugating him. Despite being near to death, he never lost his will to be strong. He hates weaklings, plus he can’t admit himself as a weakling.

Well, the reason why he wants to be strong isn’t only due to his strong will. His will is associated with his past life. That means when he was Hakuji and not Akaza. He couldn’t forgive himself for not saving his loved ones because of his lack of strength.

Akaza Strong Will 2

“I have to become stronger. I will kill anyone who gets in my way. Because if I don’t, I won’t be able to bring it back. The medicine for dad. If I don’t become stronger, I can’t run away with the wallet I stole. If I don’t become stronger, I won’t beat the people who come back for revenge. If I don’t become stronger, I’ll get taken to the magistrate and beaten. ” (Manga chapter 153 and 154 and 155)

“Whenever the people I care about are in crisis, I’m always never there.” (Manga Chapter 155)


Akaza Weaknesses

Akaza mainly looks for strength in him and as well as his opponents. It is his strength and weakness as well. He hardly considers anyone powerful and he is mostly accurate. But that’s what makes him overconfident!

Tanjiro was a tough competition to him. That’s because Akaza couldn’t predict that Tanjiro would figure out his techniques and a way to encounter them. 

Akaza Sunlight


Like all other demons, sunlight is the major weakness of a Demon. No matter how strong they are, they can’t afford the chance to fight in bright sunlight.

Akaza: “The dawn is coming! The sun will shine here!! I gotta run! I gotta get outta here!!”

Tanjiro: “Don’t run away you coward”

Akaza: “What’s this brat talking about? Doesn’t he have some brains? I’m not running away from you demon hunters. I’m running from the damn sun.” (Manga Chapter 64)



  • Akaza Likes knowing about his strong opponent
  • He likes strength and anyone strong enough to give him a tough competition
  • Hakuji loves his father, master, and Koyuki
  • Akaza likes talking and finding the strong opponent


  • Akaza dislikes weaklings 
  • Hakuji hates being unable to protect his loved ones


  • “I really hate weak humans too. When I look at weaklings, I just feel disgusted” (Manga Chapter 63)“No matter how much you struggle, humans can’t beat demons” (Manga Chapter 64)
  • I’m repulsed by weaklings, they make me vomit. The laws of nature dictate that they will be eliminated.” (Manga Chapter 147)
  • “The only people I hate are weaklings. I only spit in the faces of the weak”. (Manga Chapter 147)
  • “On the battlefield, you have to confront all unexpected situations, even if it’s your first time encountering them, and find a way to deal with them. I can do that”. (Manga Chapter 153)
  • “They may whip me and break my bones, but I can endure anything for you dad. Even if it lasts a hundred years.” (Manga Chapter 154)
  • “I had tattoos of a criminal. I never imagined having a future. Much less a future where I was loved by someone” (Manga Chapter 154)

Fun Facts

  • Akaza was not an evil person as a human
  • He hates weakling
  • He respects the stronger ones
  • He is stubborn
  • Hakuji wasn’t a born villain
  • People played a significant role in turning him into a demon
  • His love for his father, master, and Koyuki was immense
  • He has criminal tattoos on his body
  • Akaza holds the position of Upper-Rank Three
  • He has skilled hand to hand abilities
  • He has immense strength 
  • Akaza has healing and regeneration ability
  • His will to protect his loved ones gives him strength
  • He keeps his calm during unexpected situations
  • Hakuji was a selfless person
  • He lost his memories when he became a demon
  • He got back his memories of when he was beheaded
  • He chose death over life at the end
  • He killed himself
  • Akaza was impressed by Giyu
  • Hakuji started loving Koyuki
  • Hakuji killed sixty-seven people with his bare fists mercilessly


Akaza was not a born demon. His name was Hakuji when he was a human. Hakuji was a kind-hearted person who used to struggle to earn money for the medicines of his father. He used to get bullied and beaten by the people of his society. 

Hakuji couldn’t protect himself back then because he wasn’t that strong. His father committed suicide despite progress in his health. In his suicide note, he mentioned that he didn’t want to be a nuisance to Hakuji.

His statement left a permanent mark on Hakuji. He blamed himself for not protecting his loved ones. The death of his father enraged him and made him beat the bullies. After that, Keizo took Akaza with him. He was a martial arts teacher.

Keizo asked Hakuji to take care of his bedridden daughter “Koyuki”. Hakuji served Koyuki in everything without any returns! After a series of incidents, Koyuki was fit and healthy. Later, Keizo asked Hakuji to marry his daughter.

It was a turning point in his life. Hakuji thought that he could live a good life. But everything happened opposite to his expectations. When he returned from the grave of his father, he found Koyuki and Keizo dead. It was revealed that they were poisoned for a lame reason.

It infuriated Hakuji and he ended up killing all sixty-seven people who were responsible for their death. To your surprise, Hakuji killed everyone with his bare fists. He mercilessly murdered them. And all this wasn’t enough to cool the lava of hatred burning inside him.

Just after killing everyone, the worst happened when he encountered Muzan. He wanted to create twelve strong Demons and Akaza was one of them. Hakuji, after becoming a Demon: forgot his memories. From there onwards, a new identity was born as Akaza!

Muzan: “I was thinking about creating twelve strong demons. Can you withstand the amount of blood I will give you now?”

Hakuji: “I don’t… I just don’t care anymore.”

(Manga Chapter 155)



Muzan Kibutsuji
(Twelve Kizuki)

Muzan is by far the main antagonist of the demon slayer. He is the one responsible for making Hakuji a demon. Kibutsuji is a root that gave birth to all other Demons! 

Muzan is also the one responsible for turning Nezuko Kamado into a Demon.

Daki and Muzan

Want To Know More About Muzan?

Muzan’s aim in life is to stay immortal and forever alive. He has achieved his goal by becoming a demon. Like other demons, he also has a weakness and that’s sunlight. To conquer this, he is searching for different ways. 

To your surprise, creating a twelve demon organization is one of his plans. He wanted to find a solution for the weakness. Because according to him, there is a possibility that other demons might find a way to conquer sunlight.

He is a threat to all humans!


Akaza Relationships

As Hakuji and as Akaza

Akaza wasn’t related to anybody as all his memories ended with the end of Hakuji. However, Hakuji had a relation with the following people:

  • Father
  • Keizo (His master, savior, and family after his father)
  • Koyuki (Love interest)
  • Muzan (the one who turned him into a demon)

As Akaza, he knew the following people; all of them were his opponents;

  • Kyojuro Rengoku 
  • Giyu Tomioka
  • Tanjiro Kamado


Akaza appeared out of the blue at the end of chapter 62 of the manga. Tanjiro was weak and injured at that moment because of a battle with Enmu. Therefore, when Akaza was about to attack Tanjiro, his attack was nullified by Rengoku.

Then both Rengoku and Akaza had a battle that resulted in the death of Rengoku. After a series of incidents, Akaza again appeared in front of Giyu and Tanjiro in chapter 146 of the manga.

Both of them fought with Akaza and he was impressed by both of them. Akaza was so impressed by Giyu that he got curious about him and asked for his name. He also acknowledged that Rengoku was right and Tanjiro isn’t a weakling.

“I now accept that Kyoujurou was right to say that. You are truly not weak. I will show my respect for you.”

(Manga Chapter 147)

After their tough battle, Tanjiro was successful in analyzing his abilities and how to win against them. When Tanjiro beheaded Akaza, all his memories were repaired. Later, when Koyuki asked him to stop, he killed himself!

In the end, he ended up dying and stopping his regeneration. (Manga Chapter 156 and 157)

An End to Akaza and Hakuji!

Akaza's Death

Akaza died during his fight with Tanjiro. Kamado cut off his head. Well, that’s not the reason why he died. Akaza used his fatal blow of destructive kill on himself that resulted in suicide. In the end, he got a flashback of his past life as Hakuji, where he met his loved ones. 

Akaza at that moment had two choices;

  1. Start regeneration and keep walking on the path given by Muzan
  2. Listen to his loved ones and meet them in the afterlife

Akaza chose the second option and ended up killing himself with the Obliteration Technique! One of his deadliest techniques. Ending Akaza, the Upper Moon 3.

Voice Actors

JapaneseAkira Ishida

EnglishLucien Dodge


What Did You Think About Akaza's Story?

So, guys above were the complete details about our favorite antagonist from Kimetsu no Yaiba. After reading about Akaza, we concluded that no one is born evil. They are the circumstances, experiences, learnings, and viewpoints that make a person good or bad. 

Well, it’s the choices and the strength to choose the good against the bad that are important. Being kind is the key to creating change and stopping an unwanted change. So, BE KIND!

So, we hope you enjoyed reading the article and got all the details you were looking for! Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on Akaza. Whatever Akaza has done was justified or not?


  1. Manga Chapter: 62 to 65 and 146 to 156

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