9+ POWERFUL 86 (Eighty-Six) Anime Quotes (HQ Images)

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One of the best action Anime launched in 2021 is undoubtedly 86 or Eighty-Six. The Anime revolves around war and propaganda, and the action that viewers get to see is just amazing. However, we decided to give you the best of the best POWERFUL 86 Anime Quotes that you’ll love!

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Lena Quotes

“It’s an honor to be put in charge of an ace unit. And it’s an important job,”

1. Lena Quotes 1

“The news you see every morning isn’t true. People are dying!”

2. Lena Quotes 2

Shin Quotes

“I was the last one left back then, and that’s how it’s always been till now. That’s why I have to take them with me. I’ll take everyone who fought and died alongside me to my final destination.”

3. Shin Quotes

Annette Quotes

“I’m not awake enough to listen to your speeches.”

“Why do you care so much about the drones, Lena?”

5. Anette Quotes 2

“Too much load on the brain and you don’t come back.”

6. Annette Quotes 3

Lev Quotes

“I need to know why you keep smashing up your machines on every mission”

Karlstahl Quotes

“If you try to be too humble, you’ll make unnecessary enemies.”

8. Karlstahl Quotes 1

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